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Friday, February 16, 2018

Trump was infuriated Pakistan: “Nothing but lies and deception”

In his first tweet in 2018, the American President Donald trump has accused Pakistan of lying and deceit. The White house claims that Islamabad leads the United States by the nose by harboring wanted terrorists and Americans are getting from America billions in the form of financial assistance.

photo: youtube.com

“The United States glupost and given Pakistan more than 33 billion dodaro in aid over the past 15 years, and they didn’t give us anything – except lies and deceit, thinking about our leaders as fools. They give refuge to terrorists, for which we’re hunting in Afghanistan, assistance to almost none. Enough!”. Approximately so it is possible to translate a tweet appeared on the account of us President @realDonaldTrump.

“We will soon reply to a tweet of President trump, Inshallah… Let the world know the truth, the difference between fact and fiction” – so reacted on Twitter the head of the Pakistani foreign Minister Khawaja Asif on accusations against his country. The American Ambassador in Islamabad David Hale has already been called to the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Pakistan, in connection with the controversial post of President of the United States.

And the Prime Minister of Pakistan Sahil Khakan Abbasi convened a meeting of the Cabinet in connection with the statements trump. As for the Pakistani military establishment, it also responded to the American President via Twitter: “Pakistan as an ally in the Antiterror provided free of charge United States ground and air communication, military bases and intelligence support, which over the past 16 years destroying the “al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia as a terrorist group – Ed.). But they gave nothing to us but but they have given us nothing but insults and distrust. They turned a blind eye to cross-border havens of terrorists who kill Pakistanis”.

I must say that the allegations of Pakistan that receive American aid, the inaction in relation to hiding in his terraria extremists sounded from the Donald trump before. In particular, in August the US President said the following: “We pay Pakistan billions and billions of dollars, and there at the same time harboring the very terrorists against whom we are fighting”.

It reminds bi-Bi-si in Washington just currently considering whether to provide Pakistan assistance in the amount of more than $250 million – these funds, the Americans had to translate back in August of 2017, but has delayed the transfer. It is associated with the fact that the White house is very unhappy with the inaction of Islamabad against terrorist groups.

In fairness, it should be noted that the differences between Washington and Islamabad that are partners and allies, arose long before the arrival of the trump in the White house. Americans annoyed by the fact that the Pakistanis are not actively engaged in a struggle against various kinds of extremist groups. The Pakistanis also causes extreme irritation that betterment with which the United States are on Pakistani soil their activities, often not even putting local authorities on those or other actions, using drones and conducting special operations.

In Washington suspects Islamabad that the Pakistani intelligence agencies to “play up” a terrorist group, “Haqqani”, associated with the Afghan Taliban (a group recognized as terrorist and banned in Russia). Also in the US claim that senior commanders of the Taliban and other extremists find sanctuary in Pakistan. In confirmation of these suspicions, given the facts of the destruction in Pakistan the leader of “al-Qaeda” (the terrorist group banned in Russia) Osama bin Laden in 2011 and the elimination of the impact from the drone Taliban leader Mullah Mansur in 2016.

In Islamabad on the charges from the Americans retort with claims that the militants Pakistan has suffered more than the United States – and therefore has a vital interest in the fight against terrorists.

If Pakistan tweet, trump called outright rage, in Afghanistan and India the statements of the American President was greeted with enthusiasm. But China spoke up for Pakistan, Recalling the contribution of this country in the fight against terrorism. Amid talk of reducing us aid to the Pakistanis Beijing invests in this country $57 billion, as part of the initiative “One belt, one road”.


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