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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Kim Jong-UN held out the branch of peace: North Koreans wait at the Olympics

The Korean Peninsula in the past 2017 was one of the weak points of our planet. Pyongyang conducted missile and nuclear tests and hosted by Washington no less provocative military maneuvers in the region has forced many experts to suggest that the case might end very badly – including war. But in his new year speech, the Supreme leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-UN pulled the olive branch of peace to Seoul. In South Korea the gesture, seem to appreciate and demonstrate a willingness to dialogue. But how serious will be the aspirations of both Koreas to ease tensions on the Peninsula?

photo: Andrew Conflict

In the demilitarized zone on the Korean Peninsula

The North Korean news Agency KCNA reported that the “dear Supreme leader Kim Jong UN made a new year’s speech, meeting new 2018. In his new year speech, he sent greetings to all the Korean people and servicemen of the people’s Army, South Korean and overseas compatriots, progressive people and friends of the world.

On the one hand, Kim Jong UN reminded the North Koreans and the world about the “success” achieved in 2017, the Korean war thanks to the Juche revolutionary line of the WPK and the heroic struggle of the army and people, firmly rallied around the party. Namely, the “achieving a historic great cause of improving the state of nuclear armed forces. Strongly tested heavy duty thermonuclear weapons, along with testing a variety of carriers of nuclear weapons, and successfully achieved our common aspiration and strategic goal, in the end, our Republic had nothing irreversible is a powerful and reliable force for the deterrence of war.”

Found in the speech, Kim Jong-UN is a place for transparent threats to Washington: “Comrade Kim Jong-UN stressed that the United States will not be able to provoke a war against him and our country, they should to know exactly: the whole of the US mainland is in range of our nuclear strike and nuclear button is always on the table in his office, and it’s not a threat but a reality.”

But the thing that draws the attention of many scientists around the world in a speech, Kim Jong-UN is his message addressed to Seoul. KCNA reports that “comrade Kim Jong-UN stressed that the new year is a common landmark year for the North and the South. Our people in the new year celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the DPRK and South Korea will open the winter Olympic games.” We need to improve relations between North and South, in a state of freeze and glorify significant current year special events in the history of the nation, and in order to celebrate the national big events and demonstrate the Majesty and spirit of the nation inside and outside the country, said in his new year address North Korean leader. According to him, “as a peace-loving and responsible nuclear power, we won’t use nuclear weapons and will not threaten any countries or regions, while aggressively hostile forces do not violate the sovereignty and interests of our state.”

Seoul quickly responded to the words of Kim Jong-UN. In particular, the South Korean Minister of national unification Cho Myung-Gyun said that his country had proposed to Pyongyang to hold a January 9 high-level talks in the demilitarized zone between the two countries. Speech, in particular, can go about the participation of North Korean athletes in the winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, which opens on 9 February.

In Seoul have long said that in the South waiting for the North Korean Olympians at the Winter Games-2018. Desire to see in Pyeongchang athletes from North Korea were voiced at various levels in South Korea, it said, and the President of the Republic of Korea moon Jae-In. In response to the words of Kim Jong-UN, the President of mun instructed the relevant ministries to prepare options for the participation of athletes from North Korea in the Winter Olympics.

And the President of the organizing Committee of the Winter Games in 2018 Lee Hee Boehm said the South Korean Agency Yonhap that he was glad to hear about the possible involvement of North Korea in the Olympics in Pyeongchang: “It’s like a Christmas gift!”.

Currently, to participate in the Games in 2018 are qualified only two North Korean figure skaters: REM Tae OK Kim, Joo-Sik. Despite the fact that the DPRK had missed the official deadline to confirm participation of its athletes in the Olympic games, these skaters still retain the ability to compete at the invitation of the International Olympic Committee.

Choi moon soon, Governor of Gangwon province, which will host the Olympic games, proposed that South Korea has provided cruise ships in order to deliver North Korean athletes and officials in Phenician, media reported.

It is clear that the issue here is much wider and deeper than the problem of participation of the athletes in the biggest sports event. As you know, technically the DPRK and the Republic of Korea since the 1950-ies continue to be at war, and recent events related to the nuclear ambitions of Pyongyang and the provocative intransigence of the USA, making a military solution to the “Korean problem” not so fantastic scenario. By the way, the General military-political instability on the Peninsula and is not conducive to peace of mind for the organizers, participants and guests of the Winter Olympics, before the opening which was a month.

The high-level talks that Seoul offered to hold in the demilitarized zone on the 9th of January the first 2015. Then they passed without much publicity and without visible positive results, and the conduct of Pyongyang’s series of missile and nuclear tests later only heightened the already high tensions on the Peninsula. No guarantee that a mutual demonstration of North and South willingness to negotiate will result in real progress, no. Moreover, in this case very much depends on the US position, which can be not interested in reducing the degree of tension. And in Seoul, not all I hasten to open the arms to the compatriots from the North. In particular, as reported by Reuters, a former South Korean national security adviser Chun Yeon Woo believes that Seoul needed to take a pause before responding to the signals coming from Pyongyang, which in his opinion may be hiding a trap: “I regret that the government have lost the flexibility, taking a day or two to catch your breath and consider carefully also hidden motives Kim Che UN before getting to make welcome statements.”

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