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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Crazy was less the experts analyzed the torchlight procession in honor of Bandera

In honor of the 109 years of Nazi Stepan Bandera in 21 regions of Ukraine held a torchlight procession, which was attended by about 6.5 thousand people. Among them, about a thousand people gathered in Kiev, and 200 in Sloviansk and Avdeyevka. Security Bandera provided 2 thousand police officers and guards who did not record share-no offense. “MK” has found out from experts that the Ukrainian neo-Nazis think about the leadership of his country, and like many of the residents of Donbass share their ideology.

photo: youtube.com

Andrew Buzarov, a member of the Public Council under the MFA of Ukraine:

“Organized torchlight marches are ardent opposition to the current Ukrainian authorities. This is confirmed not only by the cheers that are heard during the marches – a sharp criticism of the government because policy – but also in concrete actions of representatives of right-wing Ukrainian organizations (regular pickets across the country, blokirovaniya various enterprises, institutions and establishments, etc.).Lately it is possible to avoid hard clashes between radicals and police. This is largely due to the organization themselves nationalist organizations and their desire to avoid escalation of the situation, since in the eyes of the potential electorate they may look not convincing (I do not want to show weakness – approx. MK).

2018 is an election year in Ukraine. So now is the active phase of struggle for votes. Part of Ukrainian society supports the right-wing rhetoric of some nationalist organizations, because of some reasons (the war in the Donbass, the lack of economic stability in the country, etc.). However, we cannot say that the ideology of the aforementioned organizations are equally popular across Ukraine. Despite the fact that in Slavyansk, the town and other regions in the East and South of Ukraine is also propagatione marches, support their ideas here remains lower in comparison with the Western regions of the country.”

Rostislav Ishchenko, the head of the center of system analysis and forecasting:

“First, the torchlight procession in Kiev are for about 10 years, and in Western Ukraine, they began even earlier. In 2014, many of the Nazis were sent to fight in the Donbass, and now they arrange their actions in Sloviansk and Avdeyevka. However 6,5 thousand participants torchlight procession – is minuscule compared to previous years. I don’t think that the popularity of Bandera has risen or fallen after the Maidan. It is distant historical past, strong feelings which nourish only accentuated its people. The percentage of crazy remained about the same at all times.

It may seem that the last time Ukraine was more, but that’s only because many have left because of war, economic crisis and so on. The regime, of course, relies on such people, but this does not mean that a lot of them. Enough to all shades of fascists and nationalists were armed and very dangerous. However, not all far-right like Bandera. For example, the commander the shelf “Azov” and the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Biletsky a real Nazi, but Bandera he is absolutely indifferent.

For the most part people are concerned about today, not the past. Another thing is that many people do not care, who is depicted on their posters: Lenin, Stalin or Bandera. By and large, all the Ukrainian nationalist ideology – communism is the opposite. Previously, they had the USSR, in which the rules of the CPSU, there was one ideology, and security provided by the KGB. After the collapse of the Republic they began to fight to the nationalists was one party that has not yet been created, but trying, one ideology, that they almost achieved its prohibitions, and the power structure of the SBU. All this they do in their perverted and poor patterns made with the USSR. In place of Communist ideology, they are trying to put nationalist, and everything else remains the same”.

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