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Monday, February 19, 2018

Playing the victim: the secret point of the game Bulk

“Evil genius” of Putin’s Kremlin Alexei Navalny, the CEC refused to register a candidate in the upcoming presidential elections in Russia. Now Navalny is blackmailing the government with the threat of “strikes voters.” It looks like the external outline of events. But if there is a Bulk action double games, intrigues within intrigues, a plan inside a plan?

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The Kremlin is convinced that there is. At the thought of Putin’s political strategists, the requirement of Bulk on your tolerance for 2018 elections — no more than a distraction. The real purpose of politics — the presidential election of 2024. A lot of them are now the Central election Commission, Navalny wants or derail the turnout and to reduce thereby the legitimacy of the government, or at least declare a low turnout at elections as a direct result of their actions.

Alexei Navalny released on March 2, 2017 the movie “He’s not Dimon” some prominent inhabitants of the Kremlin, by their own admission, was seen as “hitting below the belt” stab sword, which is quite impossible to parry. But the intellectual knockdown, which was the spin doctors of the government, did not last very long. Towards the end of the year, officials even came to the conclusion that releasing your film-investigation about Dmitry Medvedev in the spring, Navalny made a major tactical error. As openly admitted in high offices, if the tape appeared now, at the eve of the presidential election, she would have brought the authorities to do much more political damage.

Don’t know if Bulk with this assessment: perhaps he had his own, hidden from the public eye personal reasons to release a film about Medvedev when he was released. But in any case the fact remains: throwing down on the game table your the most powerful political trump in Bulk began in the eyes of the authorities to gradually lose the surrounding it was at some point “the aura of invincible policy”. Kremlin spin doctors are accustomed to Alexey Medvedev and, I thought, even started to catch a buzz playing with him in “political cat-and-mouse”.

For example, as readily recognized now officials, a trap for Navalny was urgent issue him a passport. Partly this was dictated by humanitarian considerations. In April in an attack Navalny had a damaged eye, and in the presidential Administration wanted to give him the opportunity to receive medical care abroad. But the “noble gesture” of power was a double bottom. In high offices was hoping that “leading an ascetic life, a fighter against corruption” rush to travel and it will catch on “luxury consumption”. In my mind, the fact of the luxuries Bulk abroad as it is not fixed. But officials insist that their hopes in this respect were met by a hundred or even two hundred.

Fully power is calculated and the behavior of the Bulk ahead of presidential elections in 2018. Even in the middle of autumn in one high Cabinet, I explained in detail the scheme of action of Alexei Medvedev, which he realizes now.

According to estimates of officials, the most terrible dream Navalny to be registered in this election as a presidential candidate. In fact, he does not need this registration. His real goal is to become a “Martyr and a victim of the regime” to have the opportunity publicly to declare the whole of Russia: “All those who came to the elections, made it exclusively for my calls!”

Unfortunately for the government, it has no direct opportunity to break Alexey Anatolievich this political game. As I have said many times in the near surroundings of the GDP, a firm decision of non-admission of the candidate Navalny on the current presidential election has long been accepted and not subject to revision. To deprive Navalny of the chance to become in the eyes of the public “the main hurt and the chief of the sufferer” the upcoming presidential election are planning other ways. One of these methods is, as was clear from the beginning, the presidential candidate Ksenia Sobchak.

One of the most valuable talents public policy is the ability to portray absolute sincerity, even when it’s quite a selfish political calculation. Sobchak has this talent in spades.

“Today the opposition candidates are either not allowed to vote or create issues. I feel it for yourself. For example, there are candidate Alexei Navalny, who has been a year of the campaign. Against him was specially created criminal cases. Their fictitiousness has been proven by Alexei Navalny in the European court. The decisions of the European court recognizes, as you know, the Russian Federation. However, it is not permitted to the elections” — this remark Xenia anatolevny at the recent press conference, Putin only seems passionate defence of the right Navalny to run for President.

In fact it is the use of “suffering Bulk” to promote their own political ambitions. I still don’t believe that Sobchak is “a puppet of the Kremlin.” I think we are talking about a mutual convergence of interests and mutual use. Probably, in this case, the real reason is not even very important. It is important that the opposition March on the flank of the Russian policy was one bright star — Bulk, and now the stars of the two — Navalny and Sobchak.

In favor of the Kremlin are now playing some other circumstances. As I said above, Alexei Navalny is now no fresh revelations that can amaze the audience. Navalny is now trying to drive his old political baggage, his own personal charisma. This, coupled with the unexpected replacement of the presidential candidate of the Communist party is enough to make some livening up in the course of the current Russian presidential race.

But can it disrupt the Kremlin’s plans? At the moment it doesn’t look like. However, we will not “sound the Gong” to the end of the political Boxing round. Navalny is a “roly-poly” modern Russian opposition. It is written off from the accounts, declare a “politician from the past”, and he still shoots again like a Jack in the box.

I think that “the last battle” the Bulk we have not seen. But all this talk about the future. In the present Navalny is the Kremlin such a terrible threat, which he seemed nine months ago. Is not yet?

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