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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Bloomberg told what to be afraid of the next 10 years

Bloomberg has published an annual “guide pessimist” is a prediction of possible unpleasant events in the political and economic sphere. This time the “guide” covers the period of 10 years up to 2028. Trump re-elected, “Facebook” will be destroyed the fake news, Japan will be a nuclear weapon, the European seniors prevail over youth and Russia “reach the handle” due to low oil prices during the presidency Nabiullina.

photo: ruwikipedia

Trump, the US and the death of the old parties. The tax reform Donald trump will follow economic growth. Trump re-elected in 2020, and a year later he radically reformed the health care system. The ensuing chaos will create a “bubble” in the stock market, which will lead to a recession. The next President will be a TV host Jimmy Kimmel. To 2028 disappointed in politics, voters will choose a new party – the Democrats and Republicans will leave the political arena and the election will have 4 candidates. None of them pick up the required number, would break a major political crisis.

Facebook will not cope with a stream of fake news. Bots flooded the Internet space, and some countries will specifically use the “Troll factory”. Because the fake video of the ceremony of inauguration of the President of the United States half of Russians will think that from 2028 the American President for life has become the Donald trump.

Bitcoin will replace banks. Bitcoin will go to a number of African countries, Venezuela and Greece. In light of the fact that banks will be vulnerable to hacker attacks, bitcoins will rise to 40 thousand dollars. In 2021, he will reach 100 thousand dollars. Trojan viruses definitely will finish the banks, on change which will come and cryptocurrency payment systems like Alipay.

Kim Jong-UN will continue to launch rockets, and one of them will fall in 20 kilometers from coast. Older trump decides not to worsen the crisis and not to answer. In 2019 Kim Jong UN died from a heart attack, and the new government will abandon its nuclear program. The friendship of the United States and China enables the latter to seize Taiwan, which is extremely concerned about Japan. “The baton” of nuclear power will shift from North Korea to Japan in 2028.

In the UK, Theresa may will replace labour leader and staunch socialist Jeremy Corbyn. Education will be free, reforms Corbin will be extremely popular, but the economy will not be able to handle this load. Increase of tax burden will lead to an Exodus of bankers and their capital. By 2028 there will be a very serious risk of default.

Europe’s population continue to age. Increased specific political weight of the older generation and their conservative values will allow to implement projects out of the EU a number of countries, as well as independence different regions – Catalonia, Scotland, some regions of Belgium. Low fertility and small the retirement age will lead to serious imbalances between workers and retirees.

Due to climate change in China will start to dry up the river. Beijing will impose trade sanctions against those, who, in his opinion, has caused the greatest environmental damage: the United States and Russia.

The development of technologies to enhance the reliability of batteries, which will lead to a boom of electric cars. The demand for oil will plummet, and OPEC will cut production, and soon the organization would cease to exist. In 2021, the barrel will cost $ 20. Exporters will face a difficult period in Russia there will begin a strike at the enterprises of oil and gas sector and left Putin as head of state Nabiullina hard to keep the country from collapse.

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