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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Announced the first test results whether the asteroid Omului “the spaceship of aliens”

Specialists representing the project Breakthrough Listen, spoke about the interim results of the study of the asteroid 1I/Omwamwi, which, as we learned earlier this week, planned to check for alien radio transmitters. So far, the evidence in favor of the assumption that the cosmic body is a spaceship extraterrestrial civilization, could not be found — no radio signals of artificial origin, scientists have not detected.

photo: pixabay.com

Asteroid 1I/Omwamwi is the first and so far only interstellar space object discovered by astronomers in the Solar system. All other known asteroids and comets, whose number reaches 750 thousand, originated close to the Sun, but Omwamwi, apparently, came into the Solar system from outer space in the future again leaves her. The letter I in the full designation of the asteroid (1I/Omwamwi) was introduced for the first time and stands for “interstellar” (interstellar). The word “Omwamwi” can be roughly translated from the Hawaiian language as “a messenger arrived first from afar.” Another feature of the asteroid was the fact that he, unlike other facilities of its kind, its elongated shape somewhat like a cigar.

The very first asteroid that became a “guest” in the Solar system, is very interested both scientists and a wider audience. However, recently it was brought even more attention — experts project Breakthrough Listen suggested that the object may have an artificial origin. Unusual shape in this case would minimize the damage from interstellar dust and gas, and perhaps even contribute to the creation of artificial gravity. To test their hypothesis, the researchers decided to find out whether sending the asteroid into space any unusual radio signals. As the report shows, is that a similar signal was not detected.

Breakthrough Listen — the project of Russian entrepreneur Yuri Milner on the search for intelligent extraterrestrial life in the Universe. It is designed for 10 years, and its design budget is $ 100 million.

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