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Saturday, January 20, 2018

A third of Russians are afraid that robots will expel most people from the profession

Some residents of Russia admits that in the foreseeable future technological progress may leave them without work, however, the majority believes that in the short term, robots do not threaten their career. Interestingly, at a more abstract question — if robots replace most of the existing jobs — the Russians are significantly more likely to respond positively.

photo: pixabay.com

As has shown poll spent VTSIOM, 74 percent of Russians do not believe that in the foreseeable future, any robot can replace them. 15 percent believe that the car would be able to carry out their responsibilities “to a small extent”, 4% “to a large extent” and only 6 percent admit that soon robots will be able to fully cope with their work. Also, every second Respondent has no fears that the workplace may one day disappear because of robotics, and another 33 percent expressed less confidence in it, but also rather doubt such a scenario.

To the question “do you Agree or not with the opinion that even in Your lifetime most existing jobs will be replaced by robots?” positively or rather positively answered 38 percent, and negative or rather negative — 60 percent. 2 percent were undecided. The very trend of replacing people in jobs with robots, the majority of Russians considers “probably wrong”.

Another survey, conducted in January, showed that about eight percent of Russians see some danger in the rapid development of robots, artificial intelligence, information and computer technology, and scares most of these respondents are not the term “rebellion” of artificial intelligence, and the assumption that over time, the robots will leave many people without work. Also some Russians, it seems that the new-fangled gadgets can have a negative impact on the younger generation.

At the same time, some scientists believe that in the future robots will be in a better person to cope with many tasks, some of which today may seem completely beyond the control of the car. For example, in the middle of this year experts from Oxford and Yale University, said that if the current pace of progress By 2027 artificial intelligence to learn is to drive trucks, 2049 will be able to write a bestseller, and 2053 — to carry out surgical operations. Prior to that, Moshe Vardi from rice University in Houston made a prediction that robots will leave half the people out of work in the next three decades.

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