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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Who will pay for the “Putin of the firstborn”: the state Duma approved the bill with hints

The state Duma unanimously adopted in the first reading a bill that introduces additional monthly allowance for first and second children born after 1 January 2018 in low-income families. Payments in different regions will be different and will amount to approximately 8 thousand rubles to 20 thousand rubles per month.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

The bill Putin submitted to the state Duma immediately after it announced its intention to participate in presidential elections. It is proposed to introduce an additional monthly payment on the first or second child born or adopted after 1 January 2018. The child’s parents must be domiciled in the territory of the Russian Federation, and the child is to have citizenship of the Russian Federation. The payment will be equal to the minimum minor for the second quarter of the previous year in the region where the family lives, and, as explained by the Minister of labour and social protection Maxim Topilin, “will depend on the standard of living in the given subject of the Russian Federation”.

The right to assistance will be granted only to families with incomes of parents and children not more than 1.5 subsistence level of the employable population in the region for the second quarter of the previous year. Will consider only current income of the parents or one of them, if the family is incomplete: salaries, pensions, stipends, allowances. One-time assistance in response to natural disasters and terrorist acts, income from deposits in banks and from the rental property (e.g. apartment) to rent, not taken into account.

The text of the bill implies that income living at home with their children and grandchildren and grandparents will not be counted as income parents who are in places of deprivation of liberty, compulsory treatment or on full state support.

When his family moved to another region of the payment will stop, and to get them right again, would have to hand over documents at the new place of residence. To children placed in children’s home, AIDS is not allowed.

To apply for payments will not even have to move twice: after the baby is born and through the year. If we are talking about the first child must apply to the regional Directorate of social security, and if the second — to the Pension Fund. The fact that the method of funding these payments for reasons of economy, invented by cunning. The allowance for the first child is paid from the Federal budget that will transfer money to the regions. A benefit for the second child will be paid from the funds of the parent capital which now amounts to 453 thousand rubles. To spend it — payments will cease immediately.

In Moscow the subsistence minimum working age population in the second quarter of 2017 was 18 742 of the ruble means the right to payment will be families where per capita income is not more than 28 113 rubles a month. In a full family with the birth of the first child and no other income other than wages, parents should get a month for two around 84 thousand rubles. If one parent is entitled to the allowance provides income not more than 56 226 rubles per month. The child’s subsistence in the second quarter of 2017 in the capital accounted for 13 938 roubles per month. This will benefit low-income families — and on first and second.

In the Moscow region benefit will be in 2018 11 522 rubles a month.

Expenditures from the Federal budget for the new payments, as the financial and economic justification, will be only in 2018 21.4 billion for the first child and 24.6 billion in the second. “We have recently passed the budget, and there seems to be all scraped, said no to drugs, no to benefits”, — said Alexey Chicken (Communist party), calling the bill “clearly, the election step” of Vladimir Putin. But Andrey Isaev (“United Russia”) insisted that it was “not politically motivated decisions related to electoral campaign, as part of a policy”.

When Parliament less than a month ago adopted the budget, talking about this is the present Russian families do not go. Where is the main financial plan of the country’s hidden money? Mr. Topilin said that the payment of the first children there in the section “Additional reserved funds according to the decision of the President.” In this “nest egg” for 2018 pledged more than 500 billion rubles…

And means on the parent capital in the Pension Fund budget and is so provided, the Minister explained.

Payment for the first child, according to the forecast of the government, will receive annually approximately 45.7% of the number of first born children, and the benefits for the second child and 50.7 per cent of the number of second born children.

Officials hope such measures “at least to stabilize the birth rate.”

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