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Saturday, January 20, 2018

“Our Kerimov, don’t touch him”: the state office of public Prosecutor has stood up for the arrested Senator

Russian Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika have, undoubtedly, a lot of advantages. But, tell me, was demanding the transfer of the case of Suleiman Kerimov to investigate in Russia — together, presumably, by Kerimov, is to blame the French at the same time that they dared to arrest him?!

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

“We have the right to require the materials of the criminal case in order to attract this man, if he committed the crime to justice in accordance with its national legislation, — said the Prosecutor General, during a visit to the headquarters of Interpol is located, as you know, in Lyon. — This request, we have prepared and will this theme continue to talk.” On the transfer of the Senator himself is not directly stated, but, as they say, “smart enough.” It is clear that no full-fledged investigation into Kerimov, nor even the involvement of the victim to justice in his absence it is impossible. In short, just to paraphrase the hero of “White sun of the desert”, the Prosecutor General of Russia as saying to his French colleague: “Kerimov mine. Will meet — don’t touch it.”

Of course, the state office of public Prosecutor we have, praise God, not as bloodthirsty as other deserts said. And other components of the vertical cannot be accused of hard-heartedness in support of Senator unanimously made by all the branches and offshoots of government — and the foreign Ministry and the Federation Council and state Duma… Not left even the country’s top leadership, who promised by the mouth of a presidential press Secretary to “make every effort” to “protect legitimate interests” of the victim. In General, there is no doubt: we are not talking about the massacre of the “Dzhavdet”, but rather, about the rescue operation. The plan, of course, so-so, but, as one of the pioneers of the domestic law enforcement system, the attempt — not torture.

And everything would be fine — well, relatively well, according to the plan, if Yuri Yakovlevich just thanked the French colleagues for their vigilance. They say, do, sensed something was wrong, didn’t believe monk, humble declarations of the Senator-billionaire, went on the trail, collecting the crumbs of evidence, but in the case they are not enough. And here is the way you arrived, with a stack of killer materials. Thank you, friends! Now we know why the income Declaration is so at odds with the expenses. Wow, is this gentleman to us. And make no mistake: waiting for him at home is not affectionate welcome. I will answer on all severity of the harsh Russian laws!

So I had to say. Sounded completely different: “In my opinion, not quite correct practice is formed when people with a special status — and he’s a Senator we, the member of the Federation Council — so easily can be arrested. In my opinion, it’s wrong… He’s a Senator elected by the people, we have provided special status to attract such individuals to justice.” That is, in plain text stated: give Kerimov, and we will release it on all four sides. In General, despite, as always, good intentions, turned out, as always, bad. Now the French will return to the people its servant only in case of threat of nuclear strike on Paris, and so far compassion to Karimov in Russian corridors of power, hopefully, will not come.

Unwittingly, even a sneaking suspicion that Moscow is not so want to return Kerimov. Otherwise it would have acted much thinner. But most likely, it’s still not in the conspiracy, and in all the same psychology. Too great idea about what is good and what is bad, thatís the top of our pyramid of power, from the canons of the legal state. Here, it seems, and in fact wonder how it is possible for a person with “special status” — the rich, the noble, enjoying high favor with his superiors treated like some filthy commoner.

The examples are long. It is clear that it all started over a long time. The philosophy of the supporters of the “differential enforcement” formulated in old Soviet film “the Inspector of GAI”. “Rules — they’re invented for the average man — would inspire principled Lieutenant Zykina local “master of life” Trunov, being stopped for speeding. — You will require from swift that he flew like a Sparrow, and the Sparrow — it flew like a swift? Will or not?” The answer, however, is worthy of your spiel: “Here is a road, not a house.”

Many years have passed, and with Sikinyi in the country remains tight. But for Tranovich it’s Golden age. Including literally.

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