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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Navalny announced the program of reforming of the Russian economy

The economic reform program was published by Alexei Navalny on his website. The main trouble of the Russian society he believes corruption and improper structure of budget expenditures. The programme involves the redistribution of resources in favor of education and healthcare, raising the minimum wage and a radical reform of the pension system.

Alexei Navalny has published the program of economic reforms. Main motifs Bulk of the strategy is still the same: to fight corruption and invest in human capital.

In the first task, according to Navalny, could help “anti-corruption revolution.” Its essence is the increase of freedoms and the reduction of state presence in the vast majority of fields and industries. The opposition proposes the establishment of an independent Agency to combat corruption (outside of law enforcement), to toughen the penalties for corruption crimes and strengthen the supervision over lobbying.

The growth of human capital will be provided by raising the minimum wage to 25 thousand rubles, increased spending on education and health, as well as reforming the pension system by increasing the cumulative components. Bulk, among other things, proposes to create a “future generations Fund” revenues from exports of natural resources. Moreover, the opposition is going to bring “frozen” in 2014 savings.

The most controversial item on the economic reform was the minimum wage. According to experts, the artificial increase in wages without a corresponding increase in productivity will lead to growth of unemployment, reduction of a lot of jobs and the elimination of unprofitable industries. However, in the published opposition to the program and there is such an item as a reduction in taxes on the wage Fund (insurance premiums) from 30% to 15%. At the same time, Navalny has proposed to abolish all taxes for small businesses, replacing them with annual patent 25-30 thousand rubles.

To provide people with housing reform implies a decline in mortgage rates to 2%. According to Navalny’s possible to do, breaking the monopoly of the construction industry, its excessive bureaucratization and having dealt with corruption in the construction industry.

Navalny is not spared and one of the most painful problems of society – privatisation in 90-e years. Formed to legitimize large private property is proposed to introduce a compensatory tax. The tax will be regional and will be a fee for the use of “labor of previous generations.”

Such problems as the allocation of funds for priorities, before the candidate Navalny is not worth it. Explaining redistribution schemes and deftly spreading his hands infographic video in the election, Navalny tells us: “As you can see, enough money right now!”. And whatever it was actually, however, neither one of the candidates would not want to hear “…you hold fast.”

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