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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Found an unexpected reason why men are heavier than women tolerate the cold

Canadian scientist Kyle sue from Memorial University of Newfoundland found out why men on average suffer heavier flu and colds than women. The study showed, the cause is not psychological characteristics of the representatives of the stronger sex, and the influence on the immune system of the male and female sex hormones.

photo: wisegeek.com

The fact that men often carry heavier respiratory infections, than women, were seen long — term informal men’s” flu (man flu) was even included in the Oxford dictionary. However, quite a popular version was that the key role this can play not typically exist in other aspects of life “sensibility” that makes men experiencing the same symptoms that women do, simply to give them more importance.

Kyle sue decided to check whether the reason for “men’s flu” is self-hypnosis. For this, he studied conducted in 1993, a study and discovered data that, at first glance, can serve as proof of this assumption. The study volunteers were men more often than women “overestimated” the weight of their cold symptoms compared to the observed than women. However, further work showed that this result is attributed solely to a mistrust of men it would be a mistake — according to statistics, men do tend to suffer from complications of respiratory disease.

The scientist is inclined to attribute this to the fact that the “female” hormone estrogen strengthens the immune system and allows it to effectively counter respiratory infections, while the “male” testosterone can have the opposite effect. In favor of this, according to Kyle, sue, testify the results of some experiments on animals.

The researcher suggests that from an evolutionary point of view increased exposure of males to infections may be explained by the fact that in the wild they are, in any case, have great chances to die from injuries than from the cold, so testosterone “sends” power of the body the ability to resist the enemies.

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