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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The legacy of scandal: the United States recognized Jerusalem as the capital 22 years ago

Loud the trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and move the U.S. Embassy in this city care about almost the whole world. But in fact, this decision was officially taken America a long time — in 1995, when the Congress came a law on the status of Jerusalem — capital of Israel. For the last 22 years was the official position of the United States.

photo: AP

The other thing is that trump is the first President who truly takes an act of Congress. Other presidents every 6 months postponed the law’s implementation, citing “the security of the region”. But trump — who apparently believed that previous presidents “weak” — has moved from words to deeds, promensil thus security considerations.

Indeed, the Palestinians and their supporters in other countries take to the streets to protest, organize riots, throwing stones, breaking glasses of shops and blocking roads. They even launched a rocket from the Gaza strip into Israel. As a result, hundreds of wounded and dead, unfortunately.

But this is not the only intifada in Israel. It is noteworthy that the first intifada was in may 1948, immediately after Israel declared its independence according to the UN plan for partition of Palestine. Then the Palestinians and their many supporters in the Arab League was against the very fact of the creation of any Jewish state in the middle East. They ignored the UN mandate on the establishment of two States in Palestine — one for Palestinians and another for Jews and started the war. The Arab-Israeli war of 1948 lasted 9 months and ended with the defeat of the Arabs and the loss of part of their territory under the UN plan.

Having made the decision, trump apparently thought not to succumb to the blackmail of the Palestinians and their supporters. They in 1948 were protesting against the establishment of Israel, and now protesting against the fact that the US recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the country. If in 1948, the West acted on the principle “better not rock the boat” or “it is better not to upset the Palestinians and other Muslims in the middle East, because it is dangerous”, then there would be no state of Israel at all.

Trump strongly disagree with those who consider the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital a “provocation”. If so, you can fit anything under this definition: that kind of caricature is “a provocation” against Muslims, the film “offensive”. Here and now trump to the status of Jerusalem are trying to add to the list of “provocative actions”.

It is true that “al-Qaeda” has declared “Jihad” against the United States because of the Declaration trump, but every other day some kind of radical Islamic group declares “Jihad” on a particular occasion. Tough to fight against global terrorism — is necessary. And to go to their blackmail in any case.

Trump, of course, the expected protests from the Palestinians after the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. But he believes that this will be short intifada and that the situation will calm down quickly enough.

This is one reason why he made this decision right now, hoping that the Palestinians this time, unlike in the previous intifadas, will not receive significant support from both Sunni States in the middle East, and Iran or Hezbollah. In fact, these States and groups are really busy doing other, more important problems in Yemen, Syria and Iraq, not to mention the enormous number of new hard showdowns between them. They are not up to the Palestinians to date.

There is another reason why trump has decided now to bring the law of Congress on the status of Jerusalem in the fulfillment of his very successful trip to Saudi Arabia in may. Although in their public statements the Saudi monarchy was against the decision of the tramp, the relationship Riyadh Washington is so entrenched in the trump that Saudi Arabia is actually willing to overlook this “American provocation” around Jerusalem.

Moreover, the relationship between Saudi Arabia and Israel itself is also significantly improved under President trump. Son of trump, Jared Kushner, as envoy of the President played a major role in this convergence.

For Riyadh the US and Israel are the most important tools in the fight against the sworn enemy — Iran and its vassal Hezbollah. There were leaks in the media that Saudi Arabia strongly encourages Israel to ensure that he again sent troops to Lebanon and also to Syria, where Israel has already made more than 100 air strikes over the past four years to significantly weaken Hezbollah and Iran in these areas. And rioting Palestinians can serve as an additional catalyst for a military operation of Israel in Lebanon and Syria, which would correspond to the interests of Saudi Arabia against Iran.

If we are talking about the essence of the issue around the status of Jerusalem, the capital of Israel is, of course, determined by Israel, not the United States is exactly the same as Russia or any other country defines its capital. Israel in 1948 is clearly undecided about his city, indeed all of its main state institutions are located in Jerusalem. Trump just confirmed it is a sovereign Israeli definition.

In fact, the solution trump is largely quite shallow, and bureaucratic. In Jerusalem long ago is the American Consulate, and think, what a problem to remove from one building in Jerusalem the sign “Consulate of the United States” and to hang in its place a new sign “Embassy of the United States”. The idea is that this should be an undisputed decision, because it is still new Embassy will be located in the Western part of Jerusalem, which is not a disputed territory and the Palestinians (excluding the radical).

Even Russia, in its April statement, the foreign Ministry acknowledged Jerusalem as the capital of Israel — but with one important caveat: Russia has recognized only the Western part of Jerusalem as the capital of the country. Still, there are no plans of Moscow to move its Embassy from tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Another thing is the Eastern part of Jerusalem. Here it is a disputed territory so far, and, according to several UN security Council resolutions, the final status of this part of Jerusalem should be installed only by agreement between Israel and the Palestinians — a key element in the overall middle East peace process.

It is true that the Palestinians have lost East Jerusalem after their defeat in the six day war with Israel in 1967. In fact, Israel has effectively annexed that part of town after the victory in the war, although the UN and the lion’s share of the world’s countries do not recognize this de facto annexation.

The problem is that when trump to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, he, apparently, recognized all of Jerusalem, including the disputed Eastern part. At least he never speaks about the division of Jerusalem into two parts. However, the trump, as Israel itself did not put an end to the idea of creating a Palestinian state, according to the peace process — but without Jerusalem.

Thus, trump actually undermines all of the UN resolutions concerning the final status of East Jerusalem. Along with this, in fact, undermine the entire peace process settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, though this process is actually dead long ago.

Moreover, recognizing all of Jerusalem the capital of Israel, trump Willy-nilly endorses the de facto annexation by Israel of the Eastern part of the city, contrary to the General position of the United States (and the UN) is against the annexation, no matter where they were: at least in the Crimea, at least in East Timor or Western Sahara.

It turns out then, according to trump, except native, the Hawaiian Islands and Texas, there is one “good” the annexation of East Jerusalem. And all the rest of the annexation “bad” — that is, illegitimate.

Well, double standards exist in all States.


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