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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Lack of sleep was fraught with the development of alcoholism

Young people tend to drink more alcohol if they are enough sleep and worse sleep, if they abused alcohol. This was stated by experts from the USA, representing Yale University.

photo: pixabay.com

The study involved 42 people who for months before the start of the experiment at least once with the drink. Each participant throughout the week kept a diary in which to write, whether he used alcohol throughout the day and good sleep at night. As it turned out, those who slept little and rose early, but felt rested, often drank alcohol, and those who vypival too much alcohol, was up late and slept in worse. Although the two tendencies do not form a “vicious circle,” each of which by itself seemed experts are not too optimistic.

The scientific work of specialists was published in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology.

This is not the first study in which between lack of sleep and the development of alcoholism revealed the close relationship, but before that it was a somewhat more indirect dependencies that are traceable in the long term. In October last year a group of researchers from the University of Pittsburgh, came to the conclusion that the lack of healthy sleep in childhood increases the likelihood that someone addicted to alcohol from a relatively early age and subsequently will not give up the habit.

Among other negative effects of lack of sleep, identified in recent years by different scholars, can be called an increased propensity sleepy person at risk, inertia, and even the likelihood of unwittingly dive into slumber — the latter, according to some experts, happens even with people who sleep little, but we are convinced that it is enough. In addition, lack of sleep can have a negative impact on the figure as indirectly (sleepy man often eats more), and directly (sometimes lack of sleep affects the intestinal flora).

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