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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Paleontologists questioned the popular version of human evolution

An international group of researchers representing the University of Hawaii at Manoa and the max Planck Institute has presented evidence that the history of the evolution and settlement of homo sapiens may be more complex than is commonly believed. Anyway, the version that people simply settled on a planet 60 million years ago, the experts consider it inaccurate.

photo: pixabay.com

Until the seventies of the last century, the above version was considered basic, but then new data have allowed to clarify. By far the most popular “refined theory”, according to which the people who lived exclusively in the tropical part of Africa (South of Sahara) became “modern” from a biological point of view, about 200 thousand years ago, and some time later they began to settle around the world. 40 thousand years ago they settled, including in Western Europe with a more developed brain displacing the Neanderthals and other ancient hominids.

However, experts say that some of the discovered to date remains of homo sapiens discovered in Morocco, and their age is estimated at 310 thousand years, so the question is, when and where people became “modern”, can be considered open now. Also the Dating of some of the remains casts doubt in the fact that today, the people fully imagine the routes and periods of migration of the ancestors.

Experts believe that for a better understanding of how people spread out around the world, we need to pay more attention to the study of the remains discovered in Asia and especially Australia — not so long ago experts found out that people apparently coexisted with the local low hominids, which are often called “hobbits”.

Article researchers published in the journal Science.

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