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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Why did the “open question” on participation of Americans in the Winter Olympics 2018

Open remains the question of participation in the Olympic Winter Games in 2018 athletes from… of the United States. And doubts are not related to the manifestation of solidarity because of non-athletes under the Russian flag. And not due to the fact that the Russians, even under a neutral flag – ready to go to Pyeongchang. Americans in General concerned about the fragile situation on the Korean Peninsula.

photo: justjared.com

That clarity with a trip to the American Olympians in South Korea no, in an interview with Fox News was announced by permanent representative to the UN, Nikki Haley. It was explained that the situation around North Korea with its nuclear ambitions “changing every day” – which makes uncertain the issue of safety of athletes from the United States.

“It is an open question, – said a senior representative of the American diplomacy, speaking about the participation of athletes from the United States in the Olympics in 2018. – I have not heard anything about it, but I know that all the talks that we are holding – whether in Jerusalem or North Korea – they are about how we protect in a specific region of citizens of the United States.”

According to Haley, the decision about the journey of athletes from the U.S. to South Korea will “depend on what will happen in this country at that time – we have to monitor this closely”.

At the same time, Nikki Haley said that the administration of President trump would make every effort to find the “best way” to ensure the safety of American Olympians.

According to The Washington Post, “if the members of team USA and officials of the Olympic Committee of the United States and worried about your security in Pyeongchang during the Games in February, they do not Express this concern publicly.”

The South Korean Pyeongchang, where on February 9 opened the Winter Olympic Games, is located approximately 80 miles from the “demilitarized zone” separating the North and South of the Korean Peninsula, despite the fact that Seoul and Pyongyang technically still the 1950-ies to be at war among themselves.

The North Korean news Agency KCNA issued a statement of the DPRK foreign Ministry, which stated: “In light of the fact that the United States make an unprecedented in the history of joint air exercises aimed at us, a senior US policy in a row belligerent throw stupid words… On the Korean Peninsula is fraught with the explosion of the tense situation in which nobody knows when it will erupt, a nuclear war, and in the midst of the tensions, a senior US policy continuously throw harsh words about the war. So the war on the Korean Peninsula has already become an established fact, there was only a matter of time.”

According to the British newspaper The Guardian, “any assumption about what the U.S. team could miss these Games, will cause consternation in South Korea, where preparations [for the Olympics] frustrated by the slow ticket sales and concerns of the participating countries because of the growing intense nuclear confrontation between North Korea and the United States.”

By the way, in September the Minister of sports of France Laura Flessel said that French athletes are not to participate in the Olympics, if the nuclear crisis deepens and the safety of athletes cannot be guaranteed. However, according to the Minister, French Olympians configured still optimistic.

Meanwhile in Seoul trying to reassure all worried, and promised that the Games in Pyeongchang will be the most safe in the history. The state has taken increased security measures – and even created a special unit to combat cyber-attacks, not to mention the increase in the number of security forces.

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