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Saturday, March 17, 2018

The world will not collapse

Mr. President, it’s important, offer useful; not to spoil, let’s start from afar. You finally announced that he will become President once again. Which doesn’t matter; the main thing is to look forward and not waste time on pointless disputes about the past.

photo: Alex geldings

But now (when you its decision pleased almost the entire country) — now you have a good mood. This became particularly clear right there at the factory, where you not only promised to remain President, but also gave approval for the participation of our athletes in the Olympics. Here are your words:

We, without a doubt, we will not declare any embargo will not stand for our Olympians to take part. Many guys I know many of you personally came to this competition throughout his life. Not only has spent recent years training — they spent his entire career preparing for these competitions, for them it is very important. Therefore, based on these considerations, we, of course, will not prohibit anyone anything and will not block.

After these your words instantly stopped the furious calls for a boycott, vicious attacks on athletes, saying, who will go without a flag, etc. — the outcast, the shameful traitor.

So, Mr. President, because you have (and therefore, almost all) in a good mood, we dare to propose. Spending a dime, and prestige of Russia will be a real benefit.

December 9, Saturday world premiere at the Bolshoi theatre: ballet “Nureyev”. It would be great if in the ending the Director took his bow. After all, the audience always heartily applaud not only the actors but also Director.

Yes, Cyril Serebrennikov under house arrest, but he’s not a thug, not a serial killer; and if he will take the stage to a Large audience for his ballet flocked from all over the world, nobody no harm is not threatened — he will be unarmed and totally safe. But if the military chiefs are afraid that run away, let a couple of guards will wear something ballet, and if out from under the skirts they have, instead of Pointe shoes there are boots, then no one would pay attention.

Kirill Serebrennikov.

Allowing the Director to go cap in hand to the premiere night, you, Mr. President, a millimeter will not deviate from his eternal legal position: you do not interfere in the investigation nor in court, you just say, “I do Not see anything bad, don’t see why discourage; moreover, until convicted, he is innocent”.

Allowing athletes to go to the Olympics, you did a good thing for Russian sport and for the whole country. Even easier to do a good deed for the world of Russian culture. After all, the great Russia in the world history much more culture than sports.


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