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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The last word of the speaker in court: “Only the smell of sulfur and remained”

It seems that the sentencing in the case of former Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev, to be held on December 15, the judge will be given a challenge. The final stage of the trial competition, which was held on Thursday, December 7, at the Zamoskvoretsky district court was similar to “literary battle”. The speaker in the soulful voice apologized to the nation, announced its rebirth and promised to become the protector of all the oppressed “regardless of how the rest of his life”.

photo: mskagency.ru

Speeches of the prosecutors, some lawyers and, of course, the defendant at this time you can safely take away on citations. A good comparison, images, appeals to folklore, cinema and literature — all these were filled with the speech of the parties. But this is something that concerns the outer part. To the same fact, speaking with the replica, first tried to get the Prosecutor Paul Filipchuk.

– Today we have completed consideration of the case. The arguments will not be repeated, exhaustive, he said, noting that “the defence is not only untenable, but also comical because the defendant knew that the bag of money and perfectly understood his companion”.

An investigative experiment at the Sofia embankment, once again, the Prosecutor emphasized, were performed in compliance with the law and the rights of the defendant. At the same time, assured Filipchuk, the actions of the head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin was not malice — and the appeal to law enforcement authorities does not constitute a false accusation.

– Assessing the circumstances of the case, the prosecution raised a number of questions that received answers. The first question: is there any doubt that was a bribe? The answer is simple and there is no doubt. Is there any doubt that the crime was committed Ulyukaev? The answer is the same. Was there a provocation? Such actions against the defendant were committed, – said Filipchuk, “clicking” on the fact that the initiative bribes came from the speaker, which at the BRICS summit in Goa, attaching to the lapel of his jacket with two fingers, pointed to the size of remuneration payable to him.

Had once again the state and the expert-the linguist of the party of protection, which previously stated that from a linguistic examination can not make an unambiguous conclusion that the speaker knew that the bag of money. The position of specialist, I’m sure Filipchuk, was reduced to the celebrated phrase:

– “Who’s the witness?” “I am a witness! What happened?” – quoted speakers of hero of the Soviet film “Beware of the car!”.

Finished his speech the Prosecutor, Soviet-style pathetic:

– Really scary when a person, having all the benefits with an impeccable reputation, there is a path that ends with bribery…

Then rushed into the battle the state Prosecutor Boris Neporozhny.

– Statement by the defense at the last meeting gave me no chance, intrigued by the Prosecutor and for the next half hour tried to “crush” the position of the defense. So, the Prosecutor recalled that if the ex-Minister really thought that in the bag the wine, I immediately said this would be the FSB who blocked his official car at the gate. But the fault of the defendant, said the Prosecutor, “remembered” only in the premises of the building “Rosneft”, which carried out the investigations.

– In our version, he knew what was in the bag, so no extra questions asked, the Prosecutor said, noting that the version of the speaker about good wine “absurd.”

Furthermore, said the Prosecutor, the version that Sechin allegedly incriminated the defendant to remove a potential criticism of the privatization of shares of “Rosneft”, was also invented on the go.

– On interrogation Ulyukayev told someone this was best. I asked: “Who?”. He said: “don’t know”. And now he thought about it and decided to specify to whom, the Prosecutor said, adding that the defendant never really talked about this version as “was aware of the weakness voiced.”

“The apotheosis of” the speeches of the lawyers, said the Prosecutor, was the statement of the defense Darajani, Queeze that a young Prosecutor in court “it’s hard toting the bag” with money and advancing years speaker had no trouble. Thus, the lawyer doubted that in the bag was money.

Is a pretty absurd argument, – pausing, the Prosecutor said. – I will only say one thing: its burden is not felt.

Then the lawyers had made of the speaker. Most striking was the speech of the defender Timothy Gridneva. He likes to do it, laid out on shelves, the concept of “provocation”. According to him, the provocation is the creation of some artificial conditions under which “the recipient of the bribe activate against his will.” So it happened to Ulyukaev, who had been summoned at the Sofia embankment “view office”.

— The speaker would come to Sechin, Sechin if he didn’t call? No. Therefore this is a provocation, concluded Gridnev.

The lawyer also recalled how he treated his / her client during investigative actions at the Sofia embankment:

– The speaker for seven hours, had no means of communication… Public person just disappeared from radar. It’s so easy we can do with Ministers? – was indignant the lawyer.

The second defender Larisa Kashtanova to characterize the prosecution appealed to pop culture: “This case sounds like the words of the song: “I love you blinded him from what was, and what happened then, and fell in love”.

Well, the absolute winner among the speakers was the defendant himself.

– About “cheese” and “butter.” With all the proletarian hatred I want to say to the court that since 2006 I have annually reported on taxes. Never from the experts was not to me no comments, no questions, ‘ he said, and phase replicas of the parties ended.

Then five minutes later a dark, concentrated Alexei Ulyukayev came to the podium with scribbled sheets in his hands.

– May it please the court, I said from the beginning that I categorically deny all the charges. Investigators have not presented sufficient evidence… To me was committed the heinous and brutal provocation… the Victim becomes a witness, dissolving somewhere between Khanty-Mansiysk and Rome, dissolved, as dissolved and synergy from privatization of “Rosneft”! Only the smell of sulphur in the air remained, said the defendant and then gave listeners a new portion of pure gems:

– The process has aroused great interest of the public. It looks like a circus. A middle-aged, retirement age Gladiator waving a cardboard sword, and the audience sits in comfortable armchairs and watch. Thumbs up or thumbs down? But we must not forget the famous phrase: “ask Not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.” It may ring for each of us.

When you finish with the images, the speaker has a simple syllable thanked those who supported him, reminded the court about the children and elderly parents who need it.

And on our street will be a holiday, encouraged the speakers to your family.

Then he recalled that laughed at the last meeting, but not because as many would think crazy.

– The roof I did not go, I assure you… the Man, laughing, says goodbye to the past, summed up for the upcoming sensational statement by the speaker.

– And the last. I plead guilty, said the defendant, after falling silent for a few seconds.

In the hall hung deathly silence…

But not in those absurd accusations. I am guilty in another. I tried to do a good job and benefit, but have not done enough. I often compromises, spinning, hypocrisy, loved to receive gifts and did it himself. When you have everything in order, you shamefully turn away from other people’s misery. Understand that when I get in trouble… Excuse me, people. I am guilty before you. No matter how was my fate, the rest of my life I will devote to defending the interests of the people, – the defendant told.

Then he congratulated all the upcoming holiday.

– Be happy, live long! – the tone of Eeyore said the defendant and walked away from the podium.

The verdict will be announced on December 15 at 10:00, cold echoed from the judging stands.

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The Case Of Alexei Ulyukayev. Chronicle of events

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