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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Kadyrov screwed up with the Olympics, incorrectly predicting Putin

Guess the attitude of the leadership and the first to perform what corresponds to this mood, the most important skill of the official.

Ramzan Kadyrov holds it perfectly. But the old woman happens proruha. With the Olympics he screwed up. Guessed wrong.

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Promised yesterday not to let Korea any athlete with the Chechen residence permit, because “the Russians it is important to speak under its flag”. A few hours later it turned out — Putin-the position is just the opposite: “We will not declare no blockade. We will not let our athletes participate in the Olympics, if someone wants to participate in their personal capacity.”

It turned out that Ramzan Kadyrov struck the post. Hurry. Now we need him to back off. However, in this case this will be easy. After all, no athlete with the Chechen residence in Korea was not going to go.

No Olympic level athletes, except wrestlers and boxers in Chechnya is not and cannot be — simply because for them there is no base. And wrestling and Boxing and summer sports. At the winter Olympics wrestlers and boxers do not act. So who Kadyrov was going to launch in Korea is unclear.

Maybe he thinks he’s in the Republic the bulk of skiers and skaters. In Serzhen ‘ -Yurt — Curling. In Vvedenie — freestyle. In Urus-Martan, the bobsleigh track. Judging by his hot speech, about the way it seems to him. But actually nothing like that at all.

Whimsical representation of the President of Chechnya of the world has repeatedly surprised a respectable audience, and we will not concentrate on them attention. What is more interesting is why he guessed wrong this time? Why its position does not coincide with a presidential? Because he usually guesses. And the same.

In justification of Ramzan Kadyrov to say that the situation in which he was wrong, actually was non-standard.

When the IOC declared that Russia is suspended from the Olympics, but a separate “clean” athletes will be able to compete under a neutral flag, in the public mind on one scale lay the national interests of the country insulted, and the other private interests of athletes losing that for which they were laid in childhood.

In our public consciousness since ancient times, the public interest is more important than personal. Russia above all, let us be hungry, cold, we will tighten belts, but hold out, do not let the humiliate the country.

Calling to boycott the Olympics, Kadyrov this came from.

And Putin in priority suddenly put personal interests of athletes who are prepared, trained, and for them to boycott the tragedy of life.

Putin chose not what usually chooses. Maybe because he was an athlete. Or maybe for some other reason unknown to us. But because of this, Kadyrov made a mistake. I do not guess.

And he is not alone.

Politicians, officials, MPs, sports commentators, yesterday torn vest for the boycott, today they are hiding and silent: Oh, I think I blurted out something. Or even is not silent, but openly encouraged to participate in the Olympics under a neutral flag: we just have to go to break all and everything to prove.

They look very funny, of course. Such solid, convincing chameleons. Jackets-ties. Successful and promising. The elite, leaders of public opinion.

Another owl would popered batko in hell… would be very great.

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