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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The conspiracy was discovered on Mars a “proof of ancient war”

On one of the images of Mars American ufologist found a strange object spherical shape. He suggested that the object is a sort of cannonballs remaining on the red planet since the war of the ancient Martians. As usual in such cases, a self-proclaimed expert suggests that the American space Agency NASA deliberately hides information about the Martian civilization, who fought among themselves.

The picture which attracted the attention of conspiracy, were made by the Rover Curiosity exploring the planet Kranai since August 2012. According to the author of the video, caught in the frame the ball is made of metal and is not the only facility of its kind on Mars. A strange object conspiracy announced “absolute proof of an ancient war”.

Ufologist noted that posted on the Internet the image was black and white, but for greater clarity, he painted the rocks around the “cannon balls” in red, leaving it gray. However, the author of the video tries to convince the audience that the mysterious object and really should have a highlighted color on the background of the Martian landscape, NASA deliberately tried to “disguise” this fact, not providing a color photo.

A psychological illusion that makes the “learn” something familiar in a slightly unusual objects, is called “pareidolia”. A high probability that in this case the reason for the “sensation” it became this phenomenon, and “Cannonball” is only a round stone, whose existence on the surface of the red planet hardly qualifies as proof of the visit of aliens.

However, even among the authors of the comments to the posted videos there are skeptics, many viewers share the opinion of ufologist that the detected object represents something mysterious.

Recently, the radio Amateur ufologist from Nizhny Tagil, Valentin Degteryov found ball-shaped UFO near the International space station.

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