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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Media: named five major “cosmic” threats to humanity

A number of media published a list of space threats, which in the future may cause the destruction of the Earth or the destruction of all life on its surface. The TOP 5 were quite diverse.

photo: pixabay.com

As the main item in the list referred to the Sun, any changes in brightness which, according tdnu.ru, can be disastrous for life on the planet. In kachestve possible scenarios for the online publication calls the cooling, heating light, or its transformation into a supernova. To date, the most likely scenario is the transformation of the Sun into a red giant in about five billion years. This leads to the fact that the star will either engulf the Earth or “limited” mercury and Venus, however, will make our planet uninhabitable.

Second place in the list took the Andromeda Galaxy, which is merging with the Milky way, according to some scientists, will happen in a few billion years. The compilers of the rating believe that this event is also fraught with the destruction of Earth.

The list also mentioned black holes States that the plasma flow ejected itself towards the Earth, will completely burn her. In fact, directly from the black hole the plasma cannot reach the substance and even got into it, I can’t leave and the only known way to lose mass for a black hole is Hawking radiation. However, sometimes the supermassive black holes are the cause of the emission of substances that have not reached their event horizon — such beams of heated plasma called jets.

In addition, the rating mentions the possibility of collision of the Sun with another star. Although it is stated that a similar event could happen in the next hundreds of millions of years, most of the scientists believes that this probability is quite small. However, the Land may suffer if a collision of any two stars will occur within 100 light-years from it.

Finally, as yet another threat mentioned meteorites similar to that expected in the past caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.

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