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Saturday, March 17, 2018

A 25-metre monsters from the depths of the frightened inhabitants of Chukotka

People living in villages in the southern part of the Chukchi Peninsula were reporting they found on the banks of a large snake-like organisms. As explained in the national Park “Beringia” in fact, “sea snake” discovered in Chukotka, are algae, even externally, they resemble an animal, consisting of head and tail.

Photo: Maksim Antipin

The unusual shape has led some residents of Chukotka suggest that the shores they encountered giant snakes, worms, or even “mutants.” However, one of the closest “relatives” discovered creatures turned out to be kelp, also called seaweed, the biologists said.

Brown algae species Nereocystis Luetke at length I reach 25 meters, and to the top of their body expands, and at the top is a bubble with a diameter of 20 cm. These plants are common along the Pacific coast of North America from Unalaska island to California and in December, after separation from the soil, nereocystis go on a journey across the Pacific ocean, after which the stems with bubble sometimes throws in the Aleutian and commander Islands and sometimes on the southern Kuril Islands and Northern shores of the Bering sea. The researchers note that the specific name “Luetke” seaweed was in honor of the commander of the sloop “Senyavin” Fyodor Petrovich Litke.

In September, biologist Preeti Desai, and her many Internet users are surprised by a mysterious creature that was dumped on the Texas shore of the Atlantic ocean. However, quite quickly it became clear that “a strange animal with wrinkled skin and no eyes” is merely lying on her back deep-sea marine eel, presumably ashore in the hurricane “Harvey”. The body is somewhat deformed as a result of decomposition and were partially eaten by marine parasites, which in conjunction with the “posture” and gave him some mystery.

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