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Sunday, February 25, 2018

For speaker demanded 10 years and to return $2 million bribe

At a glance, even an experienced lover of the trials are quite severe punishment on Monday, December 4, asked the prosecution for a former Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev on the debate of the parties in the Zamoskvoretsky district court. 10 years of strict regime, a fine of 500 million rubles and deprivation of all state awards – so according to prosecutors, can atone for accepting a bribe in two million dollars from the former Minister.

photo: Daria Fedotova

The meeting began frankly boring. Journalists reluctantly asked the speaker how his mood, he also enthusiastically noted that he always “or good or very good”.

Then he came to the podium Prosecutor Boris Neporozhny and summed up his position. First, he recalled the case. Most interesting was first announced indications of the employee of FSB of Oleg Feoktistov, who together with the head of “Rosneft” addressed to the security forces. So, according to Feoktistov, whose recall was questioned behind closed doors, Mr Sechin instructed to consult with the FSB after a trip to Goa (it was there allegedly to extort a bribe). The money provided Sechin, was taken to the Lubyanka. The only thing significantly different readings Feoktistova, so that the speaker was asking to visit, he insisted on the meeting and Sechin agreed.

Towards the end of the speech voice of the attorney is higher, and his oratorical ability would be envied by leading politicians. The Prosecutor reminded the experts analysis of verbal behavior and the accused Sechin. According to the expert, “in verbal behavior, there are psychological signs of understanding the circumstances”, despite the fact that in speech Sechin there are signs of “innuendo, allusive”. According to the Prosecutor, while the speaker took the game and both are well aware of what was going on.

– Ulyukayev sought to open up the nature of their conversation and clearly supported the hidden veiled the nature of the conversation, – said the Prosecutor.

He also noted that the conversation was around three themes: the theme of the assignment, the company’s activities and the meeting itself. Now, the conversation topic number one, that is, the execution of orders, had nothing to do with topic number two, that is, the activities of the company, and this means that Sechin, speaking about the assignment, meant money and not a discussion of the orders of the President on the forthcoming privatization.

The Prosecutor completely destroyed the performance of the linguist, which was invited by the defense.

– The examination is a mere nature, does not contain the research part and is declarative, is dramatically said the Prosecutor.

Neporozhny also noted that the speaker never said why Sechin would have to agree.

– The speaker, knowing that being caught with two million dollars, has tried to present itself as a victim of provocation… But the feud between Sechin and Ulyukaev were not available. Sechin repeatedly gave gifts, and he sent him a postcard, said the Prosecutor, adding that “the defendant in court could not tell what it took to make a provocation.”

Also, according to Neporozhnego, despite the fact that the meeting was supposed to be strictly business, talking about business, as such, was not conducted and this speaker was not embarrassed.

– The issue of privatization during the meeting does not rise. What prevents Ulyukayev to raise this issue?… He will not raise this subject, because the task for which came Ulyukayev has already been done – money in the trunk of the car, with the actor’s anguish was made by the Prosecutor.

Also, the Prosecutor cited in his speech “crucial conversation” under the tree in the garage at the Sofia embankment:

Sechin: I apologize, delayed the implementation of the order, was on a business trip. Collected volume. Well, actually you can consider the job done.

The Speaker: Yes.

According to the Prosecutor, the version of the speaker that the alleged conversation was about raising money for share buybacks is absurd.

Sechin could not do the job for the privatization of the stock as it took place only in December. Extended version is absurd, he said.

Also clear, in his opinion, the phrase: “here, take, put and go”.

– The speaker demonstrates a complete understanding of this phrase and requests.

The Prosecutor walked and on “parts, in which lies the devil.” So it is absolutely unclear why the speaker or on the street or in the office Sechin thanked for the gift and asked, what’s in the bag, because it’s about wine, which was supposed to treat him Sechin, was a few months ago.

– Because I recognized as due to him not requiring gratitude scored another nail in the coffin of the Prosecutor.

It is unclear to the prosecution and why Ulyukayev did not raise questions about the key to the bag, which supposedly was the wine.

– For two million dollars that’s okay, – said the speaker, adding that the wine key is just not needed.

Thus, according to the Prosecutor, the speaker, knowing what’s in the bag allegedly wine, somehow forgot about that when he was stopped at the gate of the garage. Then the ex-Minister said he doesn’t know what’s in the bag. The Pro version of wine according to the prosecution alleged was invented later.

The Prosecutor did not let the situation treat. The Prosecutor, preparing for the show, even got into the dictionary Ozhegova and checked how one interprets the word “treat”. “Treat” means to give something to eat, something to drink, but this, according to Neporozhnego, does not agree with “two buckets of wine”, which was supposed to be in the bag.

So, after a half hour speech, the Prosecutor stated that the guilt of the speaker is completely proved. He was asked to avoid the charges of “extortion,” which in fact failed to prove, and asked to appoint Ulyukayev 10 years of strict regime for “obtaining official of a bribe in especially large size”.

Read the material: the Prosecutor believes that the guilt of the speaker fully proven

This period, according to the Prosecutor, the speaker deserves because not in need of funds (the Prosecutor listed houses, land and cars of the defendant).

Special attention is given to the self-interest of the speaker. He didn’t need the money. What pushed him to this? Not only did not need, just ride like cheese in oil…

According to the Prosecutor, the sentence requested given the fact that the accused has two dependent minor children, elderly parents. In addition, Ulyukayev earlier was not convicted, has a number of merits to the Fatherland. Extenuating circumstances also began the age of the speaker and his disease.

In addition to serving serious time, Ulyukayev, according to the prosecution, must pay a fine of 500 million rubles. The Prosecutor asked to deprive ex-Minister all state awards, awards and class rank.

The accused himself during the speech of the Prosecutor was solid as a rock – didn’t Express any emotion and looked at his papers.

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