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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

North Korea has tested the most powerful rocket: what America’s response

After a period of relative calm, North Korea returned to the missile tests. The authorities claim that it launched Wednesday a new Intercontinental ballistic missile “Hanson-15” capable of carrying very large and heavy nuclear warhead to reach the United States. South Korea, Japan and America, despite the apparent progress in North Korean nuclear program reacted cautiously, repeating earlier statements that the pressure on Pyongyang should be strengthened. Meanwhile, Washington is not much room for maneuver in the North Korean issue.

photo: AP

State media North Korea has launched a rocket called “the most powerful”, as the country’s leader Kim Jong-UN stressed that she “finally realized the great historical goal of the state’s nuclear program.

In the message the North Korean Agency KCNA said: “On behalf of the WPK and the government of the Republic under the leadership of comrade Kim Jong-UN in 2 hours and 48 minutes at dawn on 29 November the 106-year Juche (2017) was launched Intercontinental ballistic missile “And 15” in the vicinity of Pyongyang.

The rocket flew for 53 minutes on the planned flight orbit and fell into the specified area of the target in the open sea of the Korean East sea.

Test launch conducted under the highest possible angle, and have not had any negative impact on the security of surrounding countries.”

“Hanson-15”, according to estimates by South Korea and Japan, really reached great heights in the entire history of North Korean missile tests — about 4500 km, flying 950 km and fell into the sea, 210 km from Japan.

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The President of the United States Donald trump held an urgent meeting in the White house. After that he said: “We’ll take care of it. We were with General Mattis discussed the issue. This is a situation that we allow”. However, the Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis acknowledged that it launched on Wednesday, the rocket reached a height of “more frankly than their previous launches” and now the DPRK can “hit any place in the world.”

Had a conversation trump with the South Korean President, moon Jae Otherwise. “Both leaders strongly condemned North Korea for the latest launch of an Intercontinental ballistic missile, despite numerous warnings and sanctions from the international community, — said the head office of South Korea. The presidents also agreed to continue its efforts to force North Korea to dialogue through sanctions and pressure, in close cooperation with the international community.”

“This launch was quite a surprise to the United States, especially after the visit of a tramp in Beijing — told in the comment “MK” chief researcher of the Institute of USA and Canada studies, Vladimir Vassilyev. Washington reported that the President agreed with the Chinese leader on imposing additional sanctions on North Korea, and hinted that it is now one of the main ways to solve the North Korean problem. The military option was pushed into the shadows. And suddenly, against this background of increasing pressure Pyongyang launches a missile, acting on the principle of what is called “a Vaska listens Yes eats”.

In the end, the presidential administration was in a difficult position. Before many people in America doubted the success of this tour trump for South-East Asia. It was argued that the assurances received by the American side, is nothing more than a game China vs USA. This rocket start once again shows that the gaming component in relations between Washington and Beijing remains, and North Korea does not intend to stop their nuclear missile program.

Today, therefore, is not entirely clear the future strategy of the United States. It turns out that the diplomatic and sanctions front, America loses. But what to do? Americans today there is no effective way to solve this problem, not through military threats or through diplomatic pressure. And that creates for them the main problem.”

As previously noted, the goal of North Korea, apparently to bring the United States to the negotiating table, but to talk to them from a position of strength. In this light, nuclear warheads and missiles capable of reaching the United States is a kind of trump card in the upcoming game. Pyongyang claims that thus wants to protect themselves from a possible invasion on the part of ideological opponents and defend against “blackmail and nuclear threats”. As shown, such a course is poorly adjusted, especially when the North Korean missile technology have come so far.

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