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Saturday, March 24, 2018

The scientists said than unique gestures of Russian-speaking people

A group of researchers from Moscow state linguistic University, came to the conclusion that the gestures of the man talking in Russian have features uncharacteristic gestures of speakers of other European languages. The most fundamental difference, according to scientists, is that Russian-speaking people use almost the same gesture, regardless of the form of spoken verb.

photo: pixabay.com

The study involved students who spoke Russian, French or German. Experts have used technology that is widely used today to create “virtual” beings in the film and in the creation of computer games — talking with the participants of the study in a special laboratory, they could continuously monitor the change in the position of their body and hands. Further analysis of these data allowed us to understand some aspects of how the gestures of a person depends on his speech.

In particular, the scientists noted that the French accompany the verbs in the completed time more dramatic gestures, but in the past a work in progress — more fluid. Experts suggest that in the case of Russian-speaking participants could be identified the same trend, as in the Russian language distinguishes between perfect and imperfect verbs. However, it turned out that the Russian participants in both cases we give preference to abrupt gestures, and a similar trend was observed at all.

Experts also note that people studying a foreign language, together with that “takes over” and his characteristic gestures — for example, Russian-speaking students studying French, accompanied his speech with a few different movements, depending on, Russian or French they were asked to speak.

Linguists who conducted the study, is inclined to believe that gestures, regardless of the form of the verb distinguishes the Russian-speaking people not only from the Germans and the French, but native speakers of other European languages.

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