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Saturday, January 20, 2018

The appointment of a beekeeper, acting head of the LC will not affect relations with Russia

In the self-proclaimed Luhansk people’s Republic there was a change of government. The acting head of the LC to the upcoming elections appointed himself Minister of state security of Republic Leonid beekeeper. It is also reported that Igor Carpenter has resigned of the head of LC for health reasons.

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– I see it as a step towards unification of the DNI and the LC, because it is the first operation that the two republics had together. In debaltseve was an attempt, but it failed. A year ago there was an attempt to overthrow Plotnitskogo. Then the head stood a man with the call of the cornet (the Minister of internal Affairs LNR), – says the expert Elena Nabokov. Last year, however, the head of DPR Zakharchenko chose to pretend that nothing happened. He did not comment on what is happening, he tried his best to not associated with LC.

If to speak very roughly, the promise Zakharchenko was: DNR – law state, and LC – bandit raspberries.

– Zakharchenko gathered his advisers and asked what to do to the LC in Europe is not associated with the DNI, – the expert continues.

Now Zakharchenko admits that the DNR participated in the overthrow of the Carpenter under the guise of fighting with Ukrainian agents.

Sooner or later the Republic had to unite to hand over a strong leader – says Elena Nabokov. And it turned out to Zakharchenko. A Carpenter rather an administrator, he was not a soldier. And then – call time, the call of circumstances.

The main reason that Igor Plotnitsky could not resist at the head of the Republic, the political scientist, Director of the progressive policy Oleg Bondarenko believes his inability to build relationships with your security officers: “for Many years, he had a problem with them. And the unresolved problems with the security forces in our time and in our space is very dangerous and fraught with resignation. So Carpenter had to let the security forces do.”

With regard to the figures Leonid beekeeper, continues Bondarenko, he was responsible for internal security of the LC from its origins: “All these years he stood at the head of the state security service of the Republic. On account of his many attacks averted. He is a man of the system; a person with relations with Russia. Because it is impossible to say that all of these dismissals and appointments in any way not connected with Russia. The beekeeper is an incorporated person. He’s got the same tight relations in Moscow, as the Carpenter. But he is not civil, and the representative of the security services. Thus, the power component in the LC will undoubtedly be strengthened”.

According to Oleg Bondarenko, a new appointment will not affect the LC relations with Russia: “That Carpenter, a beekeeper – people with an equally well-structured relations with our country. The only difference in their relations with private security forces.”

Our expert goes on to say that in any case, elections should be held — so the Beekeeper, if he claims the place of the head of the LC, they will still win. “Of course, if he even wants to run. Before the election, he will serve as the acting head of the Republic. In principle, the plan for the next presidential elections were to be held in November next year. In this situation, they might have held before.”

Earlier this week in the LC. First, the now former head of the LC Carpenter has sent in the resignation of interior Minister Igor Cornet. However, the Minister to resign is not going to go, and at the same time also accused Carpenter and his associates in the murder of Prime Minister LNR Alexander Cycalona. 22 Nov cornet and Carpenter exchanged attacks at press conferences. Located in Lugansk reported that MVD and MGB on the side of Igor Cornet. The militias support the Cornet, but still kept aloof from the struggle for power.

Leonid beekeeper – officer of the old school. Born in a family of law enforcers, he graduated from Donetsk higher military-political school. He served in the anti-corruption squad, and then served in the SBU Department for combating smuggling. It was rumored that he once refused a bribe of one million dollars (in 2006 he became famous for the detention of a large consignment of contraband at the checkpoint “Izvarino” (1 940 000 USD and 7 243 000 Russian rubles). 9 October 2014 was appointed Minister of state security of LPR. Leonid beekeeper was supported by his colleague Igor Cornet after the former head of the Republic Carpenter tried to remove the first from office.

Read the material: “Coup” in Lugansk: Shurchaeva with Tazman was prepared by displacement of the Cornet

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