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Friday, March 23, 2018

“Coup” in Lugansk: Shurchaeva with Tazman was prepared by displacement of the Cornet

Chapter LNR Igor Carpenter left the LC. The fact of the Carpenter arrival at the airport “Sheremetyevo” was confirmed by video. Does this mean that the story of the coup in the LC is close to completion and soon there will be a new Chapter? Or, on the contrary, Carpenter will return to the Republic on “a white horse”? Finally, what lies behind the accusations from the interior Ministry LNR work to the Ukraine immediate environment Carpentry and detention of Ukrainian agents in Luhansk?

Igor Carpentry. A frame from the video.

While Carpenter’s in Moscow trying to find an understanding (by the way, today the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that the question of the arrival of the head of LNR in Moscow is not under the authority of the Kremlin), the head of the Ministry LNR cornet continues to make statements about the control situation in the country, demonstrating their aptitude to the residents of Luhansk. With the departure of the head of LC was removed a cordon from the Central streets of Lugansk near the building of the Republican administration.

Closer to noon, in social networks began to write that Carpenter received the support of Moscow and returned to Lugansk along with not the most pleasant news for his opponent. Chapter LNR allegedly received a “green light” to neutralize formally removed Carpenter from the Affairs of the Cornet, who was given hours to leave the territory of the Republic. Real evidence this information is not available, but a number of subordinates was enough and it. The chief of the Kastrychnitski district militia Department of the Lugansk A. Shishko gave the command to take up the defense, and anyone who disagrees is released to the Cornet. The Lugansk region Vladimir Medvedev reports that the Ministry of internal Affairs of Luhansk blocked by two APCS, one of which came from the DNR, but no action occurs. Recall that the DNR continue to deny the existence of their units in the neighboring Republic.

Proof of guilt

Meanwhile, yesterday MIA LC all day actively denounced the Ukrainian intelligence network in the country. The first portion of “evidence” appeared in the night from Wednesday to Thursday. MIA LC published a confession of the Ukrainian saboteurs and their accomplices to citizens of the breakaway Republic, participated in the conspiracy against the slain Prime Minister LNR Gennady Cycalona, head of the Parliament Alexey Karjakin and Deputy head of the people’s militia Vitaly Kiselyov.

In particular, the man who introduced major APU Sergei Ivanchuk told about the involvement of the head of the local televizija – STRC LC – Anastasia Sourcewas to the events of the past year. According to him, she allegedly informed his uncle Vadim Boyko on the actions of the security forces to sabotage the group under the leadership Ivanchuk was able to prepare for the overthrow of the Carpenter. In addition, the head of a broadcasting company accused of spreading misinformation on controlled resources in the Ukrainian media by the SBU. We are talking about the message about allegedly shot an ambulance, an unknown people and the arrest of the Minister of communications and mass communications Mikhail Surzhenko. On Friday on the website of the MGB published a refutation of these reports.

In addition, the former head of the investigative Department of the Prosecutor General LNR Leonid Tkachenko, who was detained by the people of Cornet on Wednesday, said about the involvement of its leader, Sergei Rakhno to falsification of the criminal case against Kiselev and Cycalona. His colleague Alexander Alexandrov, who surrendered to police on Friday also confirmed the words of his former leader. Another employee of the Prosecutor’s office, Alexey Oleinik, said that the Prime Minister Cycalona tortured to death.

Moreover, the guilt came and participant in the assassination Cycalona — Alex dorosin. 37-year-old man reported that at the end of summer 2015 from the chief of governmental security service of the interior Ministry LNR Eugene Seliverstov received a proposal to liquidate the disgraced Prime Minister for 20 thousand dollars. However “tempting” the offer was for some reason transferred not by Seliverstova, and the Minister of agriculture LC Ruslan, Sorokovenko. Subsequently, however, the go-ahead was never given.

These videos were enough for a criminal case Prosecutor’s office LC, the ranks of which the cornet has significantly cleaned up in recent days. On Friday came the request from the first Deputy Prosecutor General LNR Sergei Gorenko, who reported about the criminal case against entourage Carpenter on the basis of materials of the Ministry of internal Affairs and MGB. So, the head of presidential administration Irina Carpenter Tazman and Eugene Seliverstov accused of staging the coup, and the military Prosecutor Sergey Rakhno – to fabricate a criminal case against Kiselev and Cycalona. The chief Prosecutor of LNR Vitaliy Kinder detained on Tuesday by police, accused of fabricating a criminal case against the Kornet. We will remind, the head of police accused of embezzlement, namely the country house of the inhabitant of Lugansk.

In turn, the Chairman of the National Council LNR Vladimir Degtyarenko said that despite the attempt to a coup,the Parliament of the breakaway Republic remains faithful to Carpenter and continued his work in private mode. Also resumed on the eve of disabled officers broadcasting STRC LC, which was on the eve of disabled officers.

Also on November 23, armed men without insignia began to remove the cordon from the Central streets of Lugansk. Whom they obeyed, and remains not fully elucidated. If these people are unquestioningly obey the orders of Cornet, it is unclear why two days he was not able to arrest “the Ukrainian agents of influence” or to take at least something other than the seizure of the building of the General Prosecutor’s office, which no one was guarding.

Together with the military of the city began to withdraw armored vehicles and light artillery, arrived there the day before, including from the DNR to eliminate a group of Ukrainian saboteurs. As stated in Donetsk, “the operation completed successfully”.

Igor Cornet. A frame from the video.

Clean — no

While the situation in the country remains not clear, “MK” dismantled biographies of the participants of intra-state conflict, which continues to be a large number of white spots.

Igor PLOTNITSKY, the online nickname – “the Raft”, “Moonfaced”.

The moment of transition of power from the “people’s Governor LNR” Valery Bolotov to Igor Plotnitsky, and indeed many are now rusty. To understand how the self-proclaimed head of the Republic was its actual leader, you need to remember who the Igor Plotnitsky of Lugansk in General.

By the way, is the birthplace of Carpenter Lugansk region is still unclear. In many of the dossiers appears that he was born in Lugansk. However, in earlier versions it was his birthplace – the settlement of city type of Bryansk oblast, Ukrainian SSR. There until 2014, his parents lived until he moved to Voronezh oblast.

As it says in the biography, from 1982 to 1991 Carpenter served in the Armed forces of the USSR, ending the period of the Penza higher artillery engineering school. Service completed at the rank of major in the reserve. Until 2014 this military education was for him irrelevant. Since Ukraine gained independence, the major stock goes into commercial operation, working in various companies holding positions of Manager and Deputy Director for commercial Affairs.

In 1996 in Lugansk, he creates his own company “TF scarab” engaged in the trade of fuels and lubricants, as well he owned was a gas station. But in the early 2000s Carpenter prefers to be closer to the state budget and transferred to the civil service.

Since 2004 he worked in the regional Inspectorate for protection of consumer rights, rising to the post of chief of Department of market supervision. If not for the Maidan and the subsequent ATO would be Igor Plotnitsky and on the official. But in may 2014 he decides to join the rebellion in Luhansk people’s Republic, which had already declared their independence from Kiev.

It creates battalion “Zarya”, which, incidentally, at the time captured Hope Savchenko. May 21 Carpenter, as having a relevant military education, became the Minister of defense LNR. When Valery Bolotov after injury, announced his resignation in August 2014, the Republic he gave the main “enforcer” – Carpenter. And that it was out of their hands was not released.

Moscow reacted favorably to the fact that Carpenter announced his candidacy in the elections of the head LNR, which took place in November of 2014, for obvious reasons. After all, Carpenter in September, 2014 signed the first Minsk agreements. But, according to information from the LC, his candidacy is approved and the former owners of the Luhansk region. In particular, the head of the Lugansk branch of the Party of regions, Olexander Yefremov, the former Governor of the region Vladimir pristyuk on the eve of elections came to the Carpenter to negotiate. With his assurances that the iconic posts in the LC will remain appointees of the former elite, they gave the green light for the elections. Administrative resource because no one has canceled. Carpenter won the elections with 63% of the vote. Promises fulfilled: the appointees of the previous administration, until recently, sat on many significant posts in the LC. In particular, until October the General Prosecutor’s office LNR was headed by Zaur Ismailov.

It was under the leadership Ismayilova Prosecutor’s office dealt with a number of military commanders. We will remind, in 2015 2016м year in the LC died or was killed the battalion “Batman”, Alexander Bednov, the front commander of the Cossack National Guard Pavel Dremov, one of the commanders “Cossack national guard”. commandant of Pervomaysk Evgeny Ishchenko, the battalion commander “Ghost” Alexey Brain. In the death of at least two of the Pleiades accused the Prosecutor General LNR.

I must say that the “security forces” of the LC from the very beginning had tense relations with the political leadership of the Republic. Igor Plotnitsky could not forgive the fact that its subordinate structure to sell fuel left when the tanks at the front stood without fuel. Also in the Republic claim that the head of the LC sold through its stores “Popular” humanitarian aid from Russia. And in 2015, as he wrote to local media, Igor Plotnitsky tried to subjugate the whole profitable business in the country – including “after the so-called nationalization” of the enterprises of Rinat Akhmetov and other Ukrainian businessmen Igor Carpenter turned them into personal business.” But the thing that put the blame Carpenter – over time, he forgot about the needs of ordinary Luhansk citizens. Often were not paid money, even the militia who fought on the front lines.

Irina Tazman. A frame from the video.

The head of the administration of the head of LC Irina TAZMAN people her name is “Fiona”

According to local sources, a significant role in this “gap” Carpenter from the people played the head of his administration Irina Tasman, which is now accused of working for the security service of Ukraine. SBU is not clear, but almost with ninety percent accuracy can say that in the administration of the head of the Republic of Tasman was with the filing of the ex-Governor Vladimir Pristyuk. Tazman — a friend of the wife of the former Governor. Otherwise it is not clear, as the official related to the pharmacy network “Pharmacia”, suddenly appeared in the role of “gray cardinal” of the Republic. Say pristyuk added it to the Carpenter to watch over the business interests of the family. What she was doing.

And in parallel, and I do not hurt yourself: medications supplied from Russia as humanitarian aid, was sold through pharmacies “Pharmacy”. All other competitors the efforts of the head of Administration of Republic has survived. Many wonder how the clerk, which is popularly dubbed the “Fiona” (supposedly similar to a companion of Shrek), managed to subdue Carpenter. But they say that he obeyed her implicitly. Tasman was placed on the bread place the puppets of Pristyuk, resulting in Lugansk residents began to complain: after retiring from the Ukraine, they received in Lugansk, Ukraine number two.

The chief of governmental security, Eugene SELIVERSTOV, call “silver.”

In fact, the armor and the hands of a Carpenter. First, he was the head of his guard, and then took the post of head of the government of bezopasnosti.Seliverstov allegedly responsible for the elimination of competitors and opponents Carpenter. Judging by salary statements, being the security chief Carpenter, was earning a modest salary in the amount of 30 thousand rubles. “Silver” with your people several times oversaw the delivery of various goods from the territory of Ukraine in Lugansk, and according to some in Russia. It was on this ground he might quarrel with Cornet, who allegedly decided to get “interest” from illegal activities Seliverstova. “Ukrainian saboteurs” that give now potashnia the interior Ministry indicate that the task to kill the Prime Minister Cycalona they received directly from Seliverstova.


Before the events of the “Russian spring” was press Secretary of the control Service of labor protection in the factories in Luhansk region. During the siege of Luhansk by Ukrainian forces wrote to social networks of small reports from the front. It has become almost the only source of information, given that in the city the electricity was disconnected. After the formation of the APU failed to drop at a relatively safe distance, created in “Vkontakte” group “Lugansk. The white paper” where you can learn about the deaths of local residents. On TV she came in 2015 for the position of editor-in-chief, and then received the post of Director of the company. The conflict between Sourcewell and Cornet untied against garage her uncle Vadim Boyko, korogho now called one of the Ukrainian saboteurs. In early 2017, interior Ministry officials have found weapons, explosives and other evidence of the involvement of Vadim Boyko to the murder of the head of the national police LNR Oleg Onishchenko. In addition to the Arsenal in the garage was a personal car of the head of the STRC. Surkieva has repeatedly been on the questioning at the interior Ministry. However, she denied their guilt and behaved, to put it mildly, rude. Employees of the interior Ministry and personally to Igor Kornet she threatened his connections in government from Irina Tazman and by Carpenter. According to her colleagues, since she was plotting revenge the Cornet and his entourage. It was from that moment began an information war against the head of MIA controlled her resources.

Head GTRK LC Anastasia Shurchaeva.

Finally , the second main character of the drama – the interior Minister Igor KORNET, signal “TT”

Born in Lugansk in the family of a military officer who served in the Warsaw Pact countries. He received his secondary education at the school of Halle (GDR). Since 1993, he served in the police of Luhansk on the position of the employee patrulno-sentry duty, but after 6 years was dismissed for an unknown reason.

Almost from the beginning of the “Russian spring” and the formation of the LC were in the higher echelons of the newly formed Republic. What was he doing for 14 years before that — is not known.

27 Aug 2014 took the post of interior Minister and conducted a series of reforms, increasing the staff of the Ministry with 219 people up to 3 million. There is a version that the elimination of the field commander of rapid reaction group “Batman” Alexander Bednova 1 January 2015 is not involved in the Prosecutor General’s office, namely, the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Cornet.

The Cornet has two daughters, Marina and Oksana. Marina left school at Lugansk with a gold medal, and is now a student at the Kharkiv law Academy named after Yaroslav the Wise, which he entered before the events of 2013-2014. The institution explained that Marina was a diligent student, and the reasons for expulsion were never given, and the biography of his father in the Academy never knew. The youngest daughter of the head of the Ministry of interior in Samara elite school and is engaged in equestrian sport.

The conflict between the Cornet and Carpentry began in October 2015. Then the security forces arrested the Minister of fuel and energy of Dmitry Lyamin, who was accused of the sale of coal to Kiev. Traded Lyamin with Ukraine on an especially large scale — it was reported that across the front line Lyamin baggage to 90 percent of extracted coal in the LC.

In August 2016,, Carpenter had made a failed attempt in which he blamed the security forces, but the cornet had remained in his chair. The result is low-intensity conflict escalated into a criminal case on the Cornet for the hijacking of the house. As it turned out later, the estate belonged to the family of the late businessman Valeriy Bukayev. Wife together with her new husband went to Kiev after the “Russian spring”. That is a criminal case and was the nominal reason for the dismissal of the Cornet from the post of interior Minister.

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