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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Ufologists have made “an interactive map of alien visitation”

“Hunters aliens” presented his project UFO Stalker, in which they have created, posted online and updated regularly a quite unusual interactive map. On this map you can see which parts of the world in a particular period people spotted a UFO or other evidence of an alien invasion.

photo: pixabay.com

The self-proclaimed experts say that in 2017 the amount of evidence of the “alien invasion” increased by 12 percent and amounted to 84 thousand. Each of these cases corresponds to the point on the map, clicking on which you can receive the description. Some, but not all “eyewitness accounts” are backed up by photos or videos, which, however, often difficult to see anything really unusual. The most common evidence of the appearance of the aliens were mysterious lights of unknown origin, however, some messages look much more original — for example, one “witness” inclined to believe the machinations of the aliens, a rash, appearing occasionally on hand. According to the map, the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations most often troubled the Americans, however, prefer to ignore the Australians — if in the US in November there were 26 cases of UFO sightings in Australia — only four.

In December last year, Joshua Stevens from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia made a map where you can see how many times in different regions of the United States appeared snow people. He gathered information about 3 313 cases from 1921 to 2013, when the Americans were claiming they saw Bigfoot, and mark them on the map of the country. However, then the scientist said that does not seek to prove the existence of Bigfoot himself is not too believe in such. Unusual map shows that most of the Yeti “live” in the thick forests and rough terrain. By assumption, Joshua Stevens, this is quite natural – people do not have the opportunity to see all that surrounds them, tend with some suspicion treat every extraneous sound and, apparently, sometimes to attribute them to mystical creatures. After analyzing the “dynamics” the recent reports of Bigfoot, scientist have discovered that over the years they are becoming more and is particularly active in the Yeti start “finding” after the occurrence or the sensational reports about them.

By the way, if you look closely on both maps, “Bigfoot” and UFO seen in approximately the same regions of the United States.

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