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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The conspiracy presented a “proof” that the Americans did not fly to the moon

American ufologist and conspiracy under the nickname Streetcap1 posted in videohostinga YouTube own analysis of photography, which, in his opinion, was proof of the theory of “lunar conspiracy”. A video designed to prove that Americans have never been on the moon, has garnered 1.7 million views and that in case with such a popular video is rare, is about equal to the number of “likes” and “dislikes”

photo: a frame from the video

In the photo you can see on the glass of the helmet of an astronaut on the moon, the reflection of another figure. Thus, according to the Creator of the video reflected the person isn’t wearing the suit, otherwise his back would have seen a massive “backpack”.

Part of the Internet users found the video interesting, however, the majority agreed in opinion that is reflected in the helmet of the man, in all probability, is only the second astronaut, spacesuit and it is impossible to see just because of the low quality of the image and unevenness of the helmet image is too distorted.

Although the fact that the Americans really went to the moon, were recognized, including the USSR, an opponent of the USA in the “space race” – an assumption that in fact this never happened, remains very popular among conspiracy theorists. Supporters of the theory of “lunar conspiracy” claim, in particular, that on photos and in movies about the moon landings there are contradictions, and some even that the implementation of such operations in those years was “technically impossible”.

Recently, the Internet spread in many ways the “opposite” conspiracy theory, in accordance with which the Americans had been not only the moon but also on Mars, although information about their visit to the Red planet is carefully concealed. It was alleged in some media, these data provided a former employee of the American space Agency NASA, although the evidence is that she is the one for whom it was provided.

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