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Friday, March 16, 2018

Putin’s meeting with Erdogan and Rouhani recalled the historic Yalta conference

Experts have called the Sochi summit “new Yalta”, and external Parallels are indeed traced. If Stalin had allies in the Livadia Palace, Putin, despite the huge number of modern hotels and meeting rooms, selected to meet the sanatorium “Rus”, built in 50-ies of the last century. White columns, porticos and Grand foyer of its buildings successfully mimic the Imperial grandeur, so Putin, Rouhani and Erdogan could feel Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill, decisive-war — only this time not Europe, and the Middle East.

photo: kremlin.ru

Vladimir Putin seems to have been dying to quickly get down to business: the guests are met at the porch and on the walkway leading from the limo to the mansion. And was to meet Erdogan and Rouhani with pre-stretched to welcome a hand. In his opening remarks of the GDP stressed that joint efforts of Russia, Turkey and Iran managed to prevent the collapse of Syria, to prevent its seizure by terrorists and to avoid a humanitarian disaster. “If not for your position — he turned to the left and right hand Rouhani and Erdogan, there would be no ceasefire and the establishment of zones of de-escalation”. Now, according to the Russian leader, in Syria there is a real chance to end six years of civil war and begin a new phase of political settlement. “I believe that our efforts should be focused on long-term normalization, primarily promoting the reconstruction of the country post-conflict,” — said the GDP.

Hassan Rouhani agreed with Putin that less than a year, the three countries managed to achieve significant progress. “The devil’s strongholds of terrorism destroyed, rotten body of terror is destroyed, the evil flame extinguished,” he did not skimp on epithets. While Rouhani felt it my duty to remind you that Iran at the request of the leadership of Syria first came in an uncompromising struggle against ISIS (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization) and took the brunt of the attack. “Prepared at the request of the other countries in the region to provide them with assistance”, — said the Iranian leader, hints of Iraq. According to him, the main enemies in the Middle East — the US, Israel and some other countries, which sow confusion, create the split and set against regional players with each other. “The Syrian crisis from the very beginning was accompanied by direct foreign participation, and now the powers that promote terrorism, concerned about possible defeat and are preparing a new crisis,” warned colleagues Hassan Rouhani. Almost in the words of Bashar al-Assad, he listed the key principles of the postwar arrangement of Europe on the lack of any outside interference, the preservation of national sovereignty and integrity of the country. And from himself added that the current government of Syria will be able to ensure the observance of the principles of democracy, and socio-economic development of the country in the post-conflict period.

Least specifically their expectations of the summit was formulated by the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He is known, arrived in Sochi mostly in order to solve specific problems related to the area of de-escalation in neighbouring Idlib and Afrin, where are the Kurds and where actively breaks Iran. “We try to be flexible to the requests of Iran on the establishment of observation posts in Idlib. But we don’t take into account Iran requirements Afrin,” — said before the flight Erdogan. In his opening remarks, he several times prayed for Allah to whom the Turkish leader spoke of the pleas on successful completion of the summit.

Here it is worth Recalling that the leaders began discussing the Syrian issue not with a clean slate. Their meeting was preceded by the work of the Ministers of foreign Affairs and the military command of the three countries. General Staff chiefs of Turkey, Russia and Iran took concrete steps to complete the liquidation of the remaining ISIL and Jabhat al-Nusra (banned in Russia), and the foreign Ministers prepared a joint statement in support of the political process. According to the Minister of foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov, the trilateral summit should promote direct negotiations between Damascus and the entire spectrum of the opposition to issues of political settlement of Syria under UN control. “However, the recent months we do not observe a great activity with our UN colleagues,” he complained.

Preparatory work, apparently, was made on “five”: the summit lasted very little for such an important and complex meetings is about two hours. However, after it cleared up a little: going to the press, the presidency, in fact, reiterated what was said earlier. Only Erdogan added that at the Congress of the peoples of Syria, which will be held in Sochi in early December, in any case should not be the Kurds. “Nobody should expect that we will be on one platform and under one roof with terrorist elements. A bloody gang that is trying to divide the country, we can’t see a full-fledged participant of the negotiation process”, — he stressed. The Turkish leader has hinted that at the meeting an agreement was reached with Iran and Russia Afrino, but did not specify its details. Ankara had expressed its intention to “clean up” this province from the Syrian Kurds to prevent their influence on Turkish counterparts.

Vladimir Putin said that the Congress will discuss the parameters of the future political structure of Syria, the adoption of a new Constitution and holding elections. According to him, Bashar al-Assad, being in Sochi, expressed his willingness to carry out constitutional reform and ensure democratic elections under UN supervision. The Russian President said nothing about the fact that the Kurds — one of the ethnic groups in Syria will not be able to participate in the national dialogue. On the contrary: in Sochi, according to him, should gather representatives of all peoples, political forces and religious denominations.

However, their list is still to be agreed with the foreign Ministries, intelligence services and military departments of the three countries.


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