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Saturday, January 20, 2018

“It’s stuffing from Kiev”: will Ukraine to finish off the Donbass

In the Internet appeared the message about the attack on the Ukrainian units on the territory of the DNI and LC. Allegedly, taking advantage of the situation of internal chaos in Lugansk Republic, the armed forces captured several villages and recaptured several significant heights. What is happening now on the frontline, “MK” has found out on the spot.

Vadim POGODIN, the former battalion commander Kerch:

– I believe that the defense of the Lugansk Republic because of the incident, the political crisis has not diminished. The front line in any case is not exposed. As these domestic events were not combat troops, MVD and MGB.

Statement of Ukraine about the fact that they have occupied several towns in Luhansk, it is, first, the usual PR, and secondly, the exacerbation of the situation, and thirdly, support for the Carpenter. That is, even a threat — to see if Carpenter will be removed, then the Republic will fall immediately. Because Kiev care Carpenter did not need. My personal opinion, he is the protege of their opposition bloc.

I keep abreast, but so far the confirmation of major fighting in Lugansk and the surrounding area is not. Possible within the grey area about twenty meters to thirty parts of the ATO and moved no more. “Captured towns” is not a word, just went on to the villages located in the neutral zone. Basically, they’re any time he could go there, but then, I guess, was interesting. And now is interesting only as pressure.

The stuffing is now coming from the Ukraine for one reason: they want the Carpenter left. He was completely satisfied.

The present military escalation is fraught, primarily because they violated the Minsk agreements, and Kiev did not need to break through the defense of the LC and the DNI, as the guarantor of Minsk is Russia and if you do shit gets serious, I think, here have the right to introduce peacekeeping forces to encourage peace. Not because of the Carpenter, of course, because that would break Minsk-2.

Andrei PURGIN, the Donetsk political and public figure, founder of the movement “Donetsk Republic”:

– I don’t think now there is some serious offensive by the APU Ukraine. Understand civil authority and domestic policy is one thing, the situation on the fronts is another. Exacerbation visit us often, once a week, once every two. Somewhere, in Donetsk — more or less normal, somewhere- in Gorlovka, very hot. It is a war.

Meanwhile, I believe that this political crisis in the LC — rather serious and just will not end, because only begun, this is his first step, then kind of plateau, then the fall will continue again. And yet we are stuck.

Because apart from legitimacy there is such a thing as its legality. If Carpenter will remain in his position, he will cease to be legal. This is not a conflict of any two individuals of the same Carpenter and Cornet, and a systemic crisis, which has been predetermined from 2014, the year when the heads of the DNI and the LC got nothing and no one limited powers. No one but them and no can not take a decision. Not only bad decisions — generally no. Local governments do not exist. The legislature also has no effect.

It turns out that 2.5 million people are in line to solve their problems in one window — office of the President. Probably, in 2014-m to year in that situation it was normal, but now ends in 2017. The system stagnates. One person may not be able to control everything. Hence, permissiveness, rudeness of officials, and, what in Ukraine has never been. We, and I mean DNI, where the same are in a situation of tsutsvang when any next move only worsens the situation. Nobody’s punishing anyone. Any balances not. To friends — everything, to enemies — the law. Is it fair? This accumulated mess, he was including stated Igor Cornet.


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