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Monday, March 19, 2018

The Ministry has no money for the distribution of fines for traffic rules

Profile Committee of the state Duma recommended to adopt in the first reading a bill that passes the city authorities the right to prescribe the penalties for the 16 recorded video and camera violations of traffic Rules. As one of the arguments “for” a government spokesman said that the Ministry has no money for envelopes for mailing regulations, and Moscow has.

photo: pixabay.com

The bill the government submitted to the Duma in the spring of 2015. Authorities of the capital, by design, should have the right independently, without participation of traffic police, to prescribe penalties for the number of violations recorded with the help of special equipment, photo and video fixation. Transfer of authority should be issued a special agreement between the government entity and the Ministry of interior.

Make that before the election of deputies of last convocation decided not to. The group of deputies from all factions introduced an alternative bill — he proposed to centralize the collection of information from all means of the automated fixing in the country in the hands of the interior Ministry.

On behalf of the government at the meeting of the Committee on state construction and legislation 21 November was made by first Deputy interior Minister Alexander Gorovoy. In Moscow already there are more than 1600 stationary cameras commit violations, a growing number of mobile devices, and other method of solving traffic problems in large cities, but “dispatching”, no, he said, acknowledging that some of the measures “may not be very well received by the population.” The Ministry has not and will not have money to develop this business independently, followed his words. At the headquarters of photo and video fixing in Moscow, a total of 52 people who “sit and stamp of the decision on fines in the pictures.” Equipment in the streets is still the whole of Moscow, the limit of regular number of the Ministry of interior approved by the presidential decree and in the coming years will not be reviewed, and the Ministry of interior and lawyers is not enough, and you have power of attorney to send to the courts of lawyers of the Moscow Department of transport that is good.

But that’s not all: according to the representative of the government, “in violation of the Budget code” for the envelopes in which citizens are sent to “letters of happiness”, does not pay the interior Ministry, a Moscow! In Vladivostok, in regional traffic police have a stack Presolana decisions on violations issued on the basis of video and photographic images — no envelopes, and the local authorities there in contrast to the capital to break the law is not solved. The deputies of the LDPR faction immediately promised to contact the Prosecutor’s office and tax office with relevant queries…

The author of the alternative draft law, first Deputy head of Committee on state building Vyacheslav Lysakov (“ER”), stated that “the allegations of tight control in no way confirmed”. “So you and the courts and the Prosecutor’s office of Moscow to convey she can handle it, the money will be enough”, — said the Deputy. “We are not against video, we are opposed to regional systems have become and end in itself would be the replenishment of regional budgets, and not of prophylaxis of violations,” he insisted. While attending the meeting, the head of the Duma Committee for labor and social policy Yaroslav Nilov (LDPR) predicted: “we will get more cameras, to overstaffing employees that will put electronic signatures on orders, and earn more money in fines”. As is known, collected in the form of administrative fines money to replenish regional budgets.

The Deputy of Moscow Irina Belykh (“EP”), however, insisted that the cameras not just to identify violations, but also “profilaktirujut them” because the drivers are careful, and the collected fines are used “including in order to improve the system to commit violations, which is now.” Moscow state itself to administer those 16 articles of the administrative code, referred to, the Deputy is sure. At the conclusion of the Legal Department of the state Duma noted: some of the violations that the government wants to give at the mercy of capital, difficult or impossible to fix using technical means. As the examples given in violation of the rules by the driver using the phone, the use of helmets by motorcyclists or violation of the rules of application of seat belts.

Opposed to recommend the house to accept the government bill in the first reading, voted Committee members from the liberal democratic party and g-n Lysakov.

Mr. Krasheninnikov promised that the second reading of the list of entities that will be eligible to enter into agreements according to the articles of the administrative code, will expand and it will be, for example, Tatarstan. According to Mr. Gorovoy, the bill was supported by 40 Russian regions.

The Committee believes that this bill should be considered only in conjunction with others — that was introduced by a group of United Russia in 2016, supported by the government, but somehow never got to the plenary room: he proposes to introduce compulsory registration of Ministry of justice and publication of all agreements between the regions and the Federal authorities on the transfer of authority. “People need to know about the acts that create or terminate their rights and obligations”, — explained g-n Krasheninnikov.


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