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Friday, March 16, 2018

At the meeting with Putin, President Zeman regretted Lyudmila

Czech President Milos Zeman didn’t mince words. At the meeting with Vladimir Putin, he explained why Russia is 10 times more important for the Czech Republic than France and not respecting the history of the Ukrainian authorities to take the “wretched” position. He called on Putin to put an end to the sanctions, depriving the Russians of delicious cheese and yogurts. However, according to the Russian President, the main thing – the beer, not the yogurt.

photo: kremlin.ru

Milos Zeman, you can say, no luck. His visit to Sochi wormed between negotiations with Bashar al-Assad, calls Trump and the Saudi king, as well as the trilateral summit of Iran, Turkey and Russia. Naturally, all thoughts of the owners hovered around the inter-Syrian settlement, especially in Russian-Czech relations of particular flaws there. Cooperation is developing as actively as possible under sanctions. The trade turnover since the beginning of this year increased by 40%.

To honor Zeman I must say that he recovered quickly and is absolutely not offended. His meeting with Putin Czech President began with congratulations on the occasion of the completion of the military operation in Syria and the recognition of the authority of Bashar al-Assad. “In the end, it is a democratically elected President”, – he stressed. It is noteworthy that before the cameras Milos Zeman spoke good Russian, and when Putin made a pause to give the floor to the interpreter, imperiously stopped him: “No need to translate. Even journalists have to understand Russian language. And if you don’t understand, it’s their mistake.” The representatives of the Czech media such discrimination was not surprised their President is well known, to put it mildly, ambiguous attitude to the media. One of the press conferences he came with a toy gun, on which was written “journalists”.

Vladimir Putin after the talks stressed that the interview with Milos Zeman, was held in constructive and friendly atmosphere discussed cooperation in industrial cooperation, nuclear energy and the oil and gas sector. “Here the volume is very big: the Czech Republic is not only a major market for Russian goods, and an important link in the transit of Russian fuel to consumers in Western Europe. This year, through the Czech Republic already pumped more than 19 billion cubic meters,” – said the GDP. In the future, Russia hopes to use the Czech gas transmission system for transit gas pipeline “Nord stream-2” – this will ensure that the project another vote energy Commission.

According to Zeman, the special nature of relations between the Czech Republic and Russia emphasizes the composition of the delegation that he brought with him, as well as the duration of the visit. “When I flew to France with me was the 14 entrepreneurs, and now 140. They don’t fit even two of the government’s Airbus, had to rent a third plane. From this we can conclude that Russia for us is 10 times more important than France,” said the guest. He recalled that the representative of the Czech delegation will stay in Russia for four days, and in Sochi, will visit Moscow and Yekaterinburg, where will signed 13 agreements worth 20 billion crowns.

“Despite sanctions economic cooperation between our countries develops, but that doesn’t mean I’m okay with the sanctions, which are the enemy for a long time!”, reminded Zeman, and turning to Putin exclaimed: “Mr. President, at one point, the sanctions must stop. If you do not, you will be deprived of our excellent cheeses and yoghurts!”

These words tore of GDP from his own thoughts, into which he plunged after

the word went on to Zeman.

Nothing! Beer will get, and with the yogurt somehow understand, – Putin joked.

– I do not know whether sanctions of beer. In my opinion, did not – puzzled muttered the Czech President. He admitted that, in addition to the sanctions in connection with the visit to the Russian Federation concerned only one negative point – are unable to bring the relics of St. Ludmila. And it’s not in any ideological obstacles: just a dispute arose, which will be on display relics and how long they will stay in Russia. “But that means we now have another task – to bring this Holy Lyudmila! enthusiastically asked Zeman to Vladimir Putin – And not two days as planned, and for a week or more!” Everything else, according to him, is running strong – as a system on the spacecraft.

The Czech President said that Moscow is going to hand out awards to the Russian veterans who took part in the liberation of Prague. “There are people who condemn it and have a tendency to rewrite history. I think this is pathetic” – in the hearts he remarked, and as an example quoted the ex-Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

– Speaking to reporters for the German channel ARD, he said the following: “In 1943, the USSR was attacked by Germany, and on the way occupied the Ukraine!” And, please note, was Prime Minister. Now it is this post no longer holds, but I’m afraid that the reason for the resignation was not this interview, with regret, noted Zeman and in the end of his speech, delivered in Kiev a threatening verdict: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”.

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