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Sunday, March 18, 2018

A British photographer captured the “smirk” of a volcano in Ethiopia

Twenty-five Briton Christopher HORSLEY, traveling the world with a camera and a video camera, has posted a picture of a volcano in Ethiopia. For photos of red-hot lava is very similar to the two eyes and a mouth curved in a smile, or even grin.

photo: pixabay.com

As reported by the photographer, he visited Ethiopia for the first time, and the collection was filled with many photos of volcanoes. The, which got the “smile of the volcano”, was taken during a expedition to the depression of Danakil representing the hottest place on Earth, as well as, in the words of HORSLEY, the most remote and “isolated” places where he’s ever been.

An unusual photograph was published by the British newspaper the Daily Mail.

The phenomenon that makes the “learn” something familiar (and often — that person) in a mysterious and strange shapes, called “pareidolia”. This psychological illusion is a kind of “side effect” of the mechanism that allows human consciousness to extract the maximum information from incomplete information. It pareidolia owe their popularity pseudoscientific news ufologists constantly “detect” on the moon or Mars native species or aliens of course, often it’s quite obvious that in reality we are talking only about the features of the terrain or unusual shadows on another planet.

However, sometimes pareidolia becomes the cause of very funny and sometimes touching scenes – for example, in March, the Internet spread a video of a girl who took a broken water heater for the robot and confessed to him in their warm feelings. In all likelihood, the reason became fans with white circles in the middle, somewhat reminiscent of the eye.

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