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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Russian astronomer told the truth about the devastating asteroid Apophis

Employee of the State astronomical Institute named after P. K. Sternberg Vladimir Surdin has described reports of an impending collision of Earth with an asteroid called Apophis as a “horror story”, the popularity of which is due to the upcoming new year.

photo: pixabay.com

The asteroid Apophis was opened in 2004. Its diameter is estimated at more than 300 meters. Earlier some media reported that a space object approaching the planet in 2029 and then in 2036, and could bump into it. As reported, if it happens, the consequences for the Earth will be catastrophic.

Vladimir Surdin said that earlier the experts have already considered the probability of the asteroid Apophis tends to zero. While some way to verify this information would be closer to 2029, when the asteroid will approach, so to speak of whatever we present to them the dangers of today “is meaningless,” says the astronomer.

In a period when the clash thought possible, including scientists, it was assumed that the diameter of the crater is about six kilometres in radius of ten kilometers from the crash site will be destroyed even fortified buildings and subway tunnels, and some destruction will be visible for a radius of up to 120 kilometers. In case of a fall in the sea or large lakes, such as Ontario, Michigan, Baikal and Ladoga, it was not without a devastating tsunami. All settlements located at a distance of from three to three hundred kilometers, depending on the topography of the area of the fall, would be completely destroyed. However, the messages that appeared recently in the media has given an even more bold predictions until the destruction across an entire continent or even planet.

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