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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Putin and Russian matriarchy: the women decided to boycott the presidential elections

Presidential elections in Russia once again can remain without candidates: the final contestants are ready to fall out of the race at any time.

photo: kremlin.ru

Ksenia Sobchak has problems with the collection of signatures. Dry statistics: in the Novosibirsk region for it is ready to sign 497 people, in the Altai territory — 169. We are talking about regions that are leaders in the support of the candidate Sobchak. But to enter his name in the newsletter as the applicant’s main seat in the Kremlin, you need to collect not one hundred and fifty signatures of the Federation, and seven thousand with a tail. But Ksenia at least the beginning of the campaign. The other candidates just “merge” one after the other. So, struck by the former Minister Oksana Dmitrieva. Already in it for all strategists were convinced would go to the polls, but suddenly Oksana Genrikhovna said about the readiness to give up his place in the race for another candidate from the “Party of Growth” is Sergei Polonsky, known for numerous stays in prisons of different countries (from Cambodia to “Matrosskaya Tishina”).

Read the material: Nobody but Sobchak: women refuse to play with Putin in election

You may ask: why is everyone so concerned about the subject, will appear if we have a woman candidate? Why, for example, the President’s Administration in recent months, so persistently made it clear: the fair political floor, who wished to compete with GDP, will be given a special “respect”?

Yes, the answer is quite simple. Who can say to Putin during the election race that he cares little about children, and did not fully understand the problems of childhood? Well not Zyuganov with Zhirinovsky do… they growing their own children veiled by the mists of time. And Xenia Sobchak child for a year, and she remembers how much the diapers. It is obvious that the debate about family issues, about humanity in society, education is always better women are able to do. As once said by me Irina Prokhorova: if the state building, only men, then they get a barracks. However, then added: “And if only women, it turns out the chicken coop”.

But fear of the hen house, there can not be even close. After 2004, when a major democratic campaign fought of the Russian Federation Irina Khakamada, women in the presidential show was not involved at all. Irina mutsuovna, by the way, got almost three million votes, ahead confidently candidates from LDPR and “Fair Russia”. The “evil tongues” said that in the election to participate, she did not want, but one of the richest Russian businessmen at the request of the Kremlin without any warning listed the candidates in advance to the campaign. To refuse the transfer it could not.

Will not comment on this rumor. Now we are not in the fat years and the crisis that the Kremlin such unexpected prepayments will not make anyone. It does not help, and promises not to interfere. But the same Sobchak, judging by the first experiences with signatures, is required not non-resistance, namely aid.

As for Dmitrieva, she explained “MK” his indifferent rejection of the presidential campaign that no matter — woman or man will suffer on election program of the party: “I believe that the socio-economic path of Putin is wrong, it deprives the country of prospects, and people do not give opportunities for growth — professional, career, just to improve the standard of living of the family. But what’s the difference who will offer a socio-economic alternative to the programme that will outline Putin? People vote for the plan of action, and not per person. And if the party decides — I’ll give up the role without hesitation.”

Note that the fine ladies we have in politics is enough. Valentina Matvienko at the time, knocked out the Soviet government decent maternity leave, which to this day are becoming mother Russia. Now Matviyenko — the third person of the state. Elvira Nabiullina pulled on the fragile shoulders of the ruble from the terrible peak at the turn of 2014-2015. There are others. But everyone is satisfied with their appointed position and no one wants to work as an elected candidate. There were some rumors around the media beauties: “Crimean” Poklonsky and “Smolensk” Zakharova, but they are above your hearth not labeled.

Why women are indifferent to presidential ambitions, “MK” explained the young handsome scientist Ekaterina SHULMAN: “IN our country women are not disadvantaged, so they have no motivation to fight with men at the highest levels of government. They are without this power. Who do you contact if you come into any regional organization (one stop) to the woman. And who among us is in the majority in municipal assemblies and councils? And who is the teacher or the doctor? And to whom the husband pays the salary when he comes home? In our country for a hundred years, the matriarchy, and women are quite happy. They are full-fledged rule the country and give to men the full right to seem important”.

Here we are selfish. Only think of themselves and not about the fact that Putin may become bored in the battle with Yavlinsky, Zyuganov and Zhirinovsky — youth of the last century. He may be a woman to cling to the languages you want. But while to have the attention of the President to fight him, as if to fight, women do not really want.

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