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Monday, March 19, 2018

“Jamaica” has failed: Merkel failed to create a coalition

It has been almost two months after the elections in Germany and the new government was not formed. Worse, the negotiations that Angela Merkel led on the establishment of the ruling coalition, failed. The Germans can wait for the new elections and the political future of the Chancellor was also called into question.

photo: AP

In September, led by Angela Merkel’s Christian democratic Union won a “Pyrrhic victory” – such bad results, the party has not shown as much as in 1949. Among the reasons for the failure of the Christian Democrats in the elections-2017 call the discontent of the Germans of the migration policy Merkel (by the way, the problem of refugees and migrants has become one of the stumbling blocks during the current negotiations on forming a governing coalition), as well as the increasing popularity of right-wing “Alternative for Germany”, who voices the ruling party.

It was assumed that Merkel will be able to put together a coalition of the CDU/CSU, the greens and free Democrats. According to party colours of these political forces such a Union was called “Jamaica” (referring to black-and-green-and-yellow colors of the flag of the homeland of Bob Marley).

Although it was clear that negotiators have a lot of disagreement (along with a migration policy was not consent in such fields as agriculture, ecology, transport, etc.), optimists speculated that they will be able to iron out. However, the maps confused Merkel’s Free democratic party, emerged from negotiations. FDP leader Christian Lindner told the press that no progress had failed to reach a shared vision of the future of Germany, no compromise was unattainable – and in General: “it is Better not to go into power, than rule of lying”.

“Today is a day for deep reflection as to which way to go Germany,” said Merkel press. Now Angela Merkel little choice. Either try to free Democrats an offer impossible to refuse, and return them to the negotiating table. Either to dispense with the FDP and form a minority government (CDU/CSU plus “the Union-90/green”) – but this office does not have a majority in the Bundestag, it will be very difficult. Or – why not everyone wants to conduct a new election. Theoretically, the President of Germany Steinmeier may nominate Merkel as Chancellor for a vote in Parliament. And theoretically there is a possibility of several rounds of voting. And also theoretically, budgetpriced may recognize Angela Merkel, the Chancellor or dissolve the Bundestag.

Meanwhile, the main opposition force in the country – the Social democratic party, it seems, does not hide the Schadenfreude at the failure of negotiations on “Jamaica”. The social Democrats have not only openly made it clear that they would not enter a coalition with Merkel, but see in unsuccessful formation of a new government, the defeat of the leader of the CDU. “She suffered the ultimate failure” – quoted by Deutsche Welle Deputy SPD Chairman Ralf Stegner. However, the social Democrats with the results of the September elections to be proud of is not necessary: they are like the CDU – showed the worst result since the Second World war, scoring 20.5% of the votes.

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