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Friday, March 23, 2018

Putin has opened a monument to Alexander III: the most efficient and successful king

Vladimir Putin flew in to Crimea, only to open the monument to Emperor Alexander III. The penultimate ruler of the Romanov dynasty was given high honours: the ceremony was even sent an honor guard. Celebrations do not have a good reason: both dates associated with the birth and death of the monarch, this year not round. However, in contrast to the 100 anniversary of the revolution that the Kremlin has avoided complete silence, problems with the assessment of his reign the President, it seems, no. Putin not only think of Alexander III in the most effective and successful Russian Emperor, but also, apparently, represents itself to him.

photo: kremlin.ru

“We are opening the monument to the outstanding statesman and patriot, a man of strong character, courage and indomitable will. He always deeply felt a huge personal responsibility for the fate of the country: he fought for Russia on the battlefield, and he became head of state, did everything for the development and strengthening of power, in order to preserve it from shocks, both internal and external threats,” said Putin at the opening ceremony. According to him, Alexander III defended the interests of the country openly and directly – such policies have raised Russia’s prestige in the world. The main achievements of the Tsar-peacemaker, the President took the development of the industry, which was combined with the adoption of progressive labour legislation, attention to infrastructure projects (it, construction began on the TRANS-Siberian railway) as well as qualitative rearmament. “He believed that a strong, sovereign, independent state should be based not only on economic and military power but on traditions, and progress impossible without respect for its history, culture and spiritual values”, – said Putin.

Not difficult to see that all of the above equally applies not only to Alexander III, but also to GDP. The President several times publicly repeated the phrase of the Emperor, became airborne (which is also engraved on the pedestal of the monument): “In the whole world Russia has only two true allies – our army and Navy.” And, it seems, fully shared his attitude towards the partners and the Protocol. “When the Russian Tsar fishes, Europe can wait”, spoke Alexander III in response to the request of the Minister of the court immediately to make the Ambassador one of the European powers. Vladimir Putin, as you know, sometimes you have to wait not only ambassadors, but even the Pope and Angela Merkel. The king and the President of the unites also cautious, if not hostile attitude to the liberals. “Our Ministers would not ask the impossible fantasies and lousy liberalism,” wrote Alexander III. Attitude toward freedom of speech he was specific: on the one hand, to the end of his reign in Russia there were about 400 periodicals, on the other – the monarch closed down all the media, which, he thought, advocated “the liberal fermentation of minds”.

It is noteworthy that contemporaries referred to the Tsar-peacemaker, not enthusiastically. Vladimir Putin in his speech at the opening ceremony of the monument quoted Sergei Witte, who was praised by Alexander III for fair and unwavering firmness in defending the interests of Russia. But Witte is a king and the other word:”below-average mind, below average ability and lower secondary education”. A more unfavorable characteristic of the Emperor gave the historian Klyuchevskii: “This heavy lifting on the king did not understand the situation of his Empire, and did not like complex mental combinations, which requires the political game… the Government directly mocked by society, he told him: “You demanded a new reforms – you will be robbed and old.”

Here, however, it must be remembered that Alexander III especially was not prepared for the role of the Russian autocrat. Teachers considered him, as they say, “quiet a C student” and repeatedly complained about his tugoumie parents. Emperor it was by chance, as the elder brother Nikolai died of tuberculosis of the bones. And Alexander had to inherit not only the title of heir, but also his bride Dagmar, subsequently became the Empress Maria Feodorovna.

The sculptor of the monument – Alexander Kovalchuk says that the figure of the king seated on rock and leaning on the sword, symbolizes the “strong state where all the conditions for prosperity.” “He’s looking at the sea and thinks about Russia”, – explained his idea by Kovalchuk. The President himself finally admitted that this is not only a monument to Alexander III, but people of all classes, who honestly served, serve and will serve the Fatherland. In this context, the trip to the Crimea just for the sake of participation in the opening ceremony doesn’t seem so exotic.

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