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Saturday, January 20, 2018

No one but Sobchak: women refuse to play with Putin in election

Women don’t want to fight with Putin for the presidential post, and it’s amazing. After all the beautiful ladies in our politics enough, and tout them in the elections as candidates in every way, except that discounts on sales don’t offer. The President’s administration a year before the March vote, made it clear that the fair political floor, who wished to compete with GDP, will be given a special “respect.” Too long ago women did not participate in the battle for the Kremlin (the latter was Irina Khakamada in 2004). But the election will be announced just three weeks, and in female candidate queue was only Ksenia Sobchak (and some of its knockoffs). Other researches have to the throne just yet. What’s the matter?

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Remember that “fateful minutes” a special role in the destiny of Russia played women. It is possible to take for example, at least empresses, or to remember Catherine Furtseva, which (per minute fatal for proletarian art) lost the position of mayor of the capital in a struggle with Khrushchev for avant — garde artists, and then still headed the Ministry of culture. Now Russia is going through another difficult stage (surrounded by enemies), and one woman mobilized at the head of the Bank of Russia, another – in the Federation Council, the third at the head of the ski Federation… But the presidency is not one of the ladies. Thought that fits this role Oksana DMITRIEVA, a former Minister and Deputy of the state Duma, but now it seems it decided to ignore the scandalous businessman Polonsky. And she seems to not mind.

Before proceeding to the questions to Oksana DMITRIEVA, I want to share my opinion, why a woman can defeat a man in the elections a high level, and excellent representative of modern Russia to the level of Merkel is not yet ripe. We a man says, quoting Vysotsky, “I won”, for the simple reason that I’m a man. Russian woman loving mouth: in politics, gender is unimportant and is eliminated. And women Germany, Argentina or Britain, say, we are children themselves gave birth, and we decide how to live. Not if they’re right?

Well. Now the questions and answers.

– How relevant will a female politician in the upcoming elections of the President of Russia?

– I consider that the policy should not be based on age or gender. Need a candidate who is efficient and enjoys the support of his party. And that should be the program of his party. Because people vote for the plan of action, and not per person.

– Do not agree. It seems to me that voting for a person….

– Well, of course: the candidate must have certain qualities, without which his nomination impossible. But most importantly: what to say to the voter, not who speaks.

– And there is some female solidarity? You party in the presidency has not put forward, and Sobchak has already declared that she’s running. You would have voted for it?

– I have already said, policy is based not on a sexual basis. I will vote for the one whom will put forward “Party of Growth” in which I belong. If the party decide — I’ll give up the role without hesitation.

The party promised to put forward You, when it entered, but inclined to make as a presidential candidate repeatedly convicted in several countries and a very strange businessman Polonsky… is This normal?

– I believe that the party needs to make a decision: to nominate a candidate, and we must accept his candidacy. The main task of the candidate of our party — a statement of the party’s social and economic program which was prepared by the Stolypin club. The issue of conditionality will discuss the Congress…

– Yes, there will be Polonsky to read any of your Stolypin’s programs!

– I’m ready if you don’t become a candidate to help the candidate who will nominate the party. I many times participated in elections and won. And I can say that I have always voted, not because I’m a woman, but because people trusted the program I offer. The elections come people who treat voting seriously. And those who are not serious about the will, — the elections don’t come.

– Your position is clear. And who would you consider interesting to compete on the debate with Putin or with Ksenia Sobchak?

– Sense of participation in the elections is to offer a socio-economic alternative to the programme that will outline Putin. We like his program a lot in common and a lot different, so the challenge is to convey to him their point of view. I believe that the socio-economic path of Putin is wrong, it deprives the country of prospects, and people do not give opportunities for professional growth, career… the Meaning of this election is not a victory, and participation, which will allow to convey to Putin.

– So you agree that in 2018 there will be elections without a choice of candidate… Who are the politicians could brighten up the loneliness of Putin in this fight?

– It does not matter to me.

From a conversation with Oksana Dmitrieva, we can conclude that it does not want to compete with Putin, and not even eager just to participate in the elections. Therefore, in addition to Ksenia Sobchak yet to have the attention of the President to fight him, as if to fight – while none of the women wants.

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