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Thursday, March 15, 2018

From the United States Ukraine will save the oligarchs

Heard the other day from a group of deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine the proposal to sell the building of the Ukrainian cultural center in Moscow on Arbat street at its face value of $4 million at a market value of more than $70 million, is very significant from the point of view of priorities of the Ukrainian authorities. Moreover, this is the best proof of what a failed state, that is, a failed state.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org
the building of the Ukrainian cultural center in Moscow

Since declaring independence on 24 August 1991 and to the present day, Ukraine has not become a state, whose leadership appreciates the state symbols of ownership and more money. On the contrary, at the slightest doubt of the Ukrainian politicians prefer to delay specific sum of money not less than specific state interests. Yes, actually, and what they imply? What is the mission of Ukraine in the modern world, except that she “nerossiya”? I am sure that this question will not only find answers, but even his own statement will cause genuine surprise at the Ukrainian “political elite”. You know, when calms down a classic politician Square? When he already has his own plane, which is possible at any time and place to fly to if anything! But the oligarchs, unlike politicians, in addition to aircraft the interest is still on the ground. And take them not so easy.

Because who after Ukrainian President Kravchuk? Leonid Kuchma, who ruled for 10 years, from 1994 to 2004, the father and Creator of the current oligarchic model of modern Ukraine, where gang warfare of the 90s straight into the list “Forbs” has published all the major Ukrainian oligarchs Rinat Akhmetov (the richest Ukrainian with the beginning of the 2000s and to this day), Firtash (who made a fortune by trading in Turkmen and Russian gas), Victor Pinchuk (son-in-law just Kuchma), Igor Kolomoisky (the most daring businessman Dnepropetrovsk). Then was Viktor Yushchenko’s victory in the first Maidan, the “orange revolution” as a result of the “revolt of the millionaires against the billionaires.” After he had taken revenge on Viktor Yanukovych — the original creature of the billionaires later wanted himself to become one of them. This attempt is his undoing in the end. And he fled to Russia, taking with him (again) the plane money (as they say evil tongues). And finally, Petro Poroshenko as an oligarch himself. Here you have two in one: the tycoon, the President, all quite officially. By the way, most of those millionaires that overthrew billionaires in 2004. But now Peter himself was the official (!) billionaire — dreams can come true, especially if they continue to press.

This was Ukraine the last quarter century. Already at Poroshenko-the President began a new fight for assets with Akhmetov and Kolomoisky. That is, in fact, the processes of 2004 continued in the new circumstances, but old faces (ex-millionaires against places already ex-billionaires).

Therefore it is particularly interesting to see what happens with the Ukrainian oligarchs — the present Kiev government in recent times. And is a very interesting process: created with direct American participation of various kind of “anti-corruption Bureau and the special anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office and the national Commission for the fight against corruption” under the guise of their duties, primarily fighting with each other for influence. This is absolutely can not arrange their Washington supervisors — because they need them solely to pacify and weaken the oligarchs. The amazing thing: who was the oligarch in today’s Ukraine? He became the chief and most serious carrier of the Ukrainian sovereignty in the deepest economic sense of the word. And share them he does not want no high-ranking Americans, nor with the devil bald. That is the unfortunate Ukrainian oligarch to do just that to fight the best forces for the survival of his (in moderation) sovereign multinational business with a multi-headed Hydra in Washington. At least this process seems numerous American supervisors of the Ukrainian anti-corruption agencies.

Now let’s see exactly who annoying Americans his overly independent behavior? In the first ten fresh rating of the richest Ukrainians with a state of under $7 billion we meet in the first place the Rinat Akhmetov, who just this spring lost control of a large number of enterprises on the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk national republics and whose business is consequently greatly subsided. By the way, the DNR coal supplied to Poland and Hungary despite all the sanctions, evil tongues also attributed to him. Simply on the fact that no one else could have pulled off such a scheme because of the need to involve a huge number of informal corrupt relationships. Whether Americans will tolerate the existence of such a serious player? I highly doubt it. Rather, let his fierce friend Poroshenko to eat him at the first opportunity.

In second place with a fortune of $1.4 billion is the same son-in-law Kuchma Victor Pinchuk. He has long been tightly integrated into a relationship with Washington. However, to his misfortune, had too much to bond with the couple, the Clintons, and even to invest in their Fund, which can hardly be considered the property of trump as a merit. Also a minus.

Behind him with the same as is in the past close to Tymoshenko, but who had time to go over to Poroshenko, a businessman Konstantin Zhevago. Since the summer there have been persistent rumors that, in exchange that he will not pay the debts of the bankrupt private Bank “Finance and credit”, Zhevago was ready to give structures of the incumbent the jewel of his business Empire — Poltava GOK. Perhaps one of the most convenient Poroshenko’s business partners.

On the fourth place ($1.2 billion) is the sworn enemy of Poroshenko and Junior Akhmetov’s business partner Vadym Novinsky. At the same time become a citizen of Ukraine and the Verkhovna Rada in 2013 from the then Ukrainian Sevastopol, Novinsky became famous as the most rigid counterpart Poroshenko on the sidelines, even in more accommodating to power, “Opposition bloc”, which he recently announced the creation of the “opposition”.

Fifth place with a fortune of more than $1 billion is the President of Ukraine himself. Petro Poroshenko, as the owner of the confectionary “Roshen”, as well as a number of enterprises in the field of metallurgy and even in the production of weapons (the Kiev factory “Lenin’s smithy”), unlike the overwhelming majority of their colleagues for the last three years shows a remarkable trend of stable growth in the value of assets. Moreover, it is necessary to remind the reader that during the election campaign and immediately after it, Poroshenko has repeatedly promised to go out of business, to rewrite it to your friends, children and colleagues to create a “blind trust.” In fact, such a “blind trust” has become the whole country, pretending nothing had happened, while the oligarch Poroshenko is temporarily acting President of Ukraine.

The second five of the Ukrainian rich men led by the owners of “Privat” Igor Kolomoisky and Gennady Bogolyubov. Remember the first visit of U.S. assistant Secretary of state Victoria Nuland on Ukraine in June 2014? The only region, which it considered would need to visit, in addition to Kiev, Odessa was. At the meeting with the then Governor was also attended by the head of the Dnipropetrovsk oblast Igor Kolomoisky, who in the period of “Russian spring” has entrusted the entire South-East. But the moor has done his dirty work — strangled popular protests, fraud was elected mayor of the Dnieper the ultimate bandit from his environment and was not needed. Moreover, the threat to the current government and its American supervisors as too independent player.

In seventh place is the Austrian prisoner Dmitry Firtash, are under permanent threat of extradition to the US for long attempting to bribe Indian businessman (it would seem, but where is the US?) and, as a consequence, under house arrest in Vienna the last 2 years. Old gas intermediary between Gazprom and the last three presidents, whose house in the suburbs of Vienna in the spring of 2014, by his own admission, he took the nomination of Poroshenko for the post of President of Ukraine.

Completing the top ten close Agroliga Poroshenko Yuriy Kosyuk, who had to work the Deputy head of the presidential administration and still opens the door back leg, and the couple Gerega, who owns a construction business and also good friends of the current President.

Obviously, all these people sufficiently independent: some because of a relationship with Poroshenko (as in the case of Zhevago and Kosyuk) are currently considerable influence, but most (Akhmetov, Novinsky, Kolomoisky, Firtash) just the same as his direct opponents pose a threat not so much Poroshenko (he negotiate with them) as external supervisors of the Ukraine. With them, these supervisors — who replaced Victoria Nuland Uess Mitchell, the US special envoy Kurt Volker and many other American “Ukrainists” — and will to fight. This struggle will be hard, and its outcome is unpredictable — the Washington monster, of course, Losev and lay, but still over the ocean, and the oligarchs — they are always there. We will be watching.

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