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Sunday, March 18, 2018

In the Russian army began to fight with obesity: lists of fat

In the Russian army began to fight obesity. At the disposal of “MK” includes a copy of the document from which it follows that by the beginning of next year of the logistical structures of the Armed forces may be dismissed all fat people. However, since the document is determined on the basis of issued orders of their superiors, it is possible to assume that the same situation will be in the army.

Photo: kurioz.temaretik.com

The document States that on 20 November this year in the personnel Department of the organs of logistical support should be sent lists of all military personnel with a certain degree of obesity. Then all too thick should be aimed at the military-medical examination “to determine fitness for military service by military occupational specialty”. Continue to address physicians. Those who recognize unfit for service for health reasons due to too much weight, will be presented to dismissal. And the military, as stated in the order, “having III degree of obesity, passing military service in military positions that determine combat readiness, to submit proposals for their appointment to other military posts equal”.

And here it should be emphasized that the key phrase in this document, it should be considered “in military positions that determine combat readiness.” Of course, much more aesthetic look a military operation when it does not stick out stomachs. But still, a key question in this approach is not beauty, and the opportunity, without interference to perform a combat mission. So the initiative is welcome.

In fact, there is nothing to be ashamed of, as obesity is today the Bane of many armies in the world. In 2012 in the United States published a report, written based on extensive research, which was called “Too fat to fight.” In it, doctors and military experts argued that the obese American men is a direct threat to the army and therefore national security. According to the authors of the report, the extra weight in the army leads to an increase in the number of injuries and non-combat losses. Because of this, the cost of medical care. The problems associated with medical care thick soldiers and officers, the Pentagon is forced to spend nearly $ 1 billion a year.

In continuation of this theme recently American The Times burst into loud stuff where told that the US army can win the war against excess weight. According to the data got into the disposal of journalists, “8% of the personnel of the armed forces of the United States are overweight. In 2001 this indicator was equal to 1.6%”. In this regard, said us military experts, “our army is now thicker than ever, and the situation at the moment continues to increase.” And, interestingly, the edition concludes: the us army can learn from Russia, where physical training is paid great attention.

And it’s true, standards of physical training in the Russian army is quite hard, although different categories of personnel are different. Military standards are not that harsh, most sports people will fulfill them. But for the level of airborne and special forces need to be a real athlete.

As for the line, some used to judge them by the old Soviet films, representing a fat-cooks or sleepy workers army depots. Today this is not so. Modern war changes the usual understanding of the traditional military specialties. And those high requirements that apply to them now is justified from the point of view of combat training.

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