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Thursday, December 14, 2017

American humanoid robot learned how to do flips

The company Boston Dynamics has unveiled video of recent tests of the robot is Atlas, a modified version of which was able to overcome various obstacles and do a back flip.

photo: a frame from the video

The first half of the video focuses on how the robot confidently jumps on platforms different Vista and jumps off them, at times turning “backwards” in the jump. Then demonstrates how one of the top jumps off hills, doing flips in the air before landing.

At the end of the video, the developers have introduced two less than perfect “double”. In the first robot after the jump for a second loses his balance, but takes a step back and holds it. However, given the fact that we are talking about the mechanism, in a sense, the ability to stay on his feet, almost falling, looks even more exciting than like “rehearsed” perfect landing.

Another attempt acrobatic sketch looks really less good — not too successfully landed after a flip, the Android fell to the platform, which were made leap, and threw her. In the fall the robot flexes, so it looks like he jumps forward “deliberately”.

Not so long ago, another group of engineers published a video where you can see a humanoid robot, moving at a fairly chaotic building blocks between two quite distant from each other points, not touching the floor. Although his movements appear somewhat less spectacular than the jumping mechanism mentioned above, experts believe that in the future their offspring will be able to participate in the exploration of Mars.

More than a year ago the attention of Internet users attracted another video with a humanoid robot, filmed in quite unusual circumstances — an elderly American woman strolling through the woods with his dog stumbled upon the engineers who conducted the test mechanism is designed to move over rough terrain. However, at the time of testing he, apparently, moved at a relatively level surface — it could even drive the car, which, apparently, was a battery.

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Watch the video on:
Scientists have taught a robot to do a back flip”



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