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Saturday, March 17, 2018

The candidate Polonsky: “Money is, with Putin, I agree”

Continuing the parade of presidential candidates: the intention to participate in elections have declared already more than 20 people, and only in the first half of this week they added three more. And one of them — businessman Sergei Polonsky – the figure is very colorful. Marked by Forbes magazine as the most unusual Russian businessman, eccentric and eccentric Polonsky at the beginning of this decade was accused of fraud and embezzlement, after a few years hiding from Russian justice in Cambodia. But even there, the owner did not get along with the law: accused of piracy (a real, not computer) spent several months in a local prison, and then was handed over to Russia and placed in “Sailor’s silence”. Four months ago, the Presnensky court of Moscow sentenced him to five years in a penal colony, and freed from punishment due to expiry of Statute of limitations.

photo: a frame from the video

Readiness to participate in elections Polonsky said in an unexpected place – on the trade-pedestrian bridge “Bagration”. There he outlined the main points of the program: to build in the Crimea the “City of the future” will not belong to the Russian Federation and all countries of the world; close all prisons and release from prison all those convicted of non-violent crimes. To improve relations with America. And said that counts on the support of the business Ombudsman Titov and his party.

“MK” asked the newly minted presidential candidate questions that were not covered at the press conference.

Most declared their participation in the elections – fake candidates: people just want to Shine and don’t expect anything. And how serious are your political plans?

The most serious intentions. We are working on a program plan to collect the required number of signatures to register, and to take second place in presidential elections.

– Why do you second place? What does it give?

– The man who became the second after Putin’s election, gets the moral right to carry their agenda: to participate in decisions about the future of the country. Today, the business has no right to vote, and I want to be that voice. And six years later – to take first place in the presidential election.

– In the case of “silver success” in March you are planning to become involved in some government agencies to obtain government positions?

Is a complex issue. We proceed from the fact, as it will be easier to make the voice of business to the Russian government. Without changing the attitude we will not be able to lift the economy. None of the presidential candidates, except me, can not convey that message.

– By the way, who do you think is your rival in the battle for second place?

– Zyuganov and Zhirinovsky we plan of course to beat: this is a totally inadequate time candidates. Remain Sobchak and Yavlinsky.

– At a press conference, you said that you could agree with trump. But with Putin you will be able to agree that he listened to you as the “voice of business”?

– If I manage to meet him – we will agree. Because I did not Express my personal ideas and the ideas formulated on the experience of many thousands of entrepreneurs. I hope that this meeting will be held, and we understand each other. And will bring benefits to each other.

– It is necessary to understand that if you want to benefit Putin, it will not build his campaign on criticism of Putin?

– In business there is a principle: if you criticize – offer what’s best. Or – which is better who is better. Otherwise it is hot air.

– You said you are counting on support from Titov and his party. But this party already have their own candidates: former Minister Oksana Dmitrieva, a very popular businessman Dmitry Potapenko, Internet-Ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev… Between them is in the primaries. You expect all of them to move?

– If the “Party of Growth” no doubt that we need to nominate someone, then we’d know the name of the candidate. Because the campaign is high time to begin: time to gain momentum, going. Therefore, knowing the constructive approach of Boris Titov, I am counting on his support. We cooperate with more than 15 years, I actively participated in the creation of “Business Russia”, so let’s try to find a solution to my candidacy was supported by his “Party of Growth”.

– While you were in Cambodia and in the detention centre, we have significantly changed the legislation. Now you will not be able to Finance his campaign with their foreign money. The money should be in Russia. You have money in Russia?

– The money is there. My lawyers know the law: what foreign assets must I eliminate in order to become a candidate. A conviction in my case the participation in the elections does not interfere. We have asked the CEC to advance to obtain the necessary advice.

– What will happen to violators of the law, if you become President and do the promise to tear down all the prisons?

– There may be certain restrictions when moving, being in a public place. This issue is easily solved electronically, using a program that is installed on the phone. Today we have about 700 thousand citizens held in prison plus 120 thousand in jail, plus 300 thousand to guard them. This is the legacy of the Gulag. And the judicial system does not protect citizens, but only punishes them. That is why all businessmen want to conduct business disputes in England or somewhere else, not in Russia. This story needs to be changed, and the system reformed.

The fly in the ointment

About how excited whether the “Party of Growth” for this candidate, as Sergei Polonsky, the “MK” asked the member of Federal political Council Dmitry POTAPENKO.

– Of course, I am very glad that Polonsky wants to be President, I’m even willing to circle this day in the circle and do a red day on the calendar, but do not understand where does our party. The party is not aware of. Sergey — passionate friend, very funny. If he writes an application to join our party – we will consider it. Why not consider and did not even make? But we have to nominate candidates in the presidential candidates was held at the Congress, which was held in March. And Polonsky in this number not.

But Polonsky personally, I just said it and Titov will agree that the party supported his candidacy…

– Titov helped him, simply out of jail pulled. But we have a party autocratic type. We have a real democracy and serious questions are not decided behind the scenes with the Chairman of the party, and the Congress. So I will Express a slight surprise at the words of Polonsky. I think, the same astonishment will arise from the other members of the Federal political Council and delegates. But it’s a free country. Anyone can run for President. Only of the madhouse was not yet candidates, and that you need to check with the doctors can be patients are good candidates.

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