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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Political poachers extract eggs baby

Mr. President, citizens of Russia received another gift. Few people have experienced delight.

State Duma Deputy Anne Kuvychko gathered kids (strangers) and with them sang the song political love called “Uncle Vova”.

photo: Alex geldings

On the puny kids with tight MP in the center, the Golden domes, the Motherland with sword, other Soviet monuments of war, on red square are tanks, in the sky, flying combat aircraft in the sea sailing warships.

And when a children’s choir (all with the same tight the lady in the center) moves in the Studio, the native disappears. Headphones AKG K-55 — Austria, pop filter Shure — USA, microphones also overseas. Lyrics rate yourself (punctuation preserved).

The twenty-first century has come,
Globe from war tired
The population of the world hegemon got.
In the European Union opinion no,
The middle East is groaning from harm
Over the ocean, deprived of power by the President.

Some overseas President has no power — it is difficult to understand. There are other obscure phrase. For example, “in the EU no opinion” (nonsense) or “the population of the world hegemony got”.

Mr. President, the hegemon (as you were taught in school and then in high school) is working class. He several times took out the bourgeoisie and, probably, get again. Whether at that moment the hegemon to tell the deputies of the bourgeoisie — not the fact.

…For six months continue to indignant cries that “Bulk caught in their nets fry”. Talking about the young people who took to the streets of Russian cities in March and in June. The fry was from 16 to 20. If it fry, then Deputy Kuvychko militant March singing the eggs.

The Deputy (and still don’t know who) came up with to create such a clip? In the Duma, whether in the bath or on the boat if struck her such a happy thought? Who chose the text? Who gave the money to carry three dozen children to the monuments, in the Studio?

Kuvychko — a member of United Russia, member of the Duma Committee on family, women and children. That is not personal crap and the public will. The ruling party knows what to teach, what to sing and how to educate.

To lick a little deeper — the challenge adult pleasers and flatterers. What about the children? They just used. They just told me to learn the menacing words and singing, making a terrible face. If you watch you’ll see: some girls is good.

And in this land the world would be,
but if the commander
Call last fight,
uncle Vova, we with you.
Will not get a ridge
the samurai never
Breasted stand for the capital of amber
Our Sevastopol and the Crimea,
for posterity, save
In the harbour of the homeland, Alaska return.

In the last battle means death. Ridge? For the capital of amber? You see children, we’re talking about 4 of the Kuril Islands, Kaliningrad? Who are the samurai and why?..

And the result? The West don’t hear of these threats. And hear — do not be frightened. If the government starts broadcasting the children’s belligerent squeak, it means that adults do not have enough arguments.

Judging by the reviews online, only 5-10% endorsed this clip. And 90-95% of experienced disgust, which was not afraid to formulate, including far beyond the normative vocabulary.

Let no ideology, no morality (here about it speech in General can not be). Let’s get pragmatic. Mr. President, you become better? rose Lee? Increased the people’s love for “uncle Vova”?

Toothless lad sings about the drive to Alaska native Harbor. Those poachers who used a child for their own selfish purposes, should deliver by the drive in a native jail.


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