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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

“As to the Chinese Easter”: the MP assessed the prospects of the negotiations on the Donbass

The Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov is quite upbeat on the course of its negotiations with the special representative of the United States Ukraine with Kurt Volker. Their main theme are the parameters of the peacekeeping operation in the territory, which in Kiev called “special districts of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions”, and in Moscow and the rebellious Donbass, LC and DNR. His vision of the situation shared with us the first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on CIS Affairs, Eurasian integration and relations with compatriots Konstantin Zatulin.

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“American friends gave their suggestions to our draft security Council resolution – twenty-nine paragraphs, – said Surkov. Three of them, my delegation found it acceptable. A bit, of course. But still, three is not zero. Better than zero”. According to the assistant to the President, “the parties decided to continue work on rapprochement of positions”.

– Konstantin Fedorovich, how do you assess the prospects of convergence? Is there, in your opinion, a reason for optimism?

Well, optimism is always more constructive than pessimism. I think it is in our interests to break off negotiations and continue the discussion. Even if 29 items accepted only three. But a great deal of confidence that the remaining items will be resolved in the spirit of compromise, I have not. First of all, because at the preliminary stage, we have already rolled out trial balloons: about 20 thousand peacekeepers to be stationed across the territory of Donbass, to control not only the line of confrontation, but the Russian-Ukrainian border. All this, of course, is not acceptable for us, as Ukraine did not come to his senses and did not fulfill the points of the Minsk agreements, which relate to the status of Donbass, Amnesty participants of the events and all the rest. That is, did not create conditions for the return of Donbass in the General political and legal field. Ukraine today is far from this as to the Chinese Easter. If Americans will nonetheless insist that the peacekeepers acted in this format – in fact, as an occupying force, forcing the Donbass to surrender, in this case, of course, the final arrangement will be. But while it is possible to be optimistic, as the process continues.

Even the Russian solution to the problem involves, ultimately, the full return of Ukrainian sovereignty over these areas. Meanwhile, the head of the LC Igor Plotnitsky reiterated that “in addition as the way to Russia, we have no other way”. Can happen so that what is contrary to expectation of an agreement between Russia and the West to encounter themselves people’s republics?

– Yes, of course. And the only recipe from that involved in the talks DND and LNR, to recognize that without their consent no peacekeeping operation is not possible.

But as long as we can see, these negotiations are not connected.

– But it is not connected and Ukrainians. And at this stage it is justified. Because otherwise instead of working will be one of the Declaration statements is a desire to do something on the “internal front” to enlist through negotiation the support of their fellow citizens. And so on and so forth. In any such peacekeeping force there is a certain logic, a certain stages.

– That is, the part of the warring parties is the next step?

– Yes, if will be able to negotiate with the Americans, it will Mature to the next stage. If it actually comes to that.

– If I understand correctly, any breakthroughs in this regard you are waiting for?

– Hard to wait with such a difference of our positions and such discrepancies of our current interests.

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