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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The earth is once again poised to dive into the darkness

In some mass media there were messages that in the near future planet Earth is waiting for the end of the world almost literally. Allegedly, the day after tomorrow due to specific interactions of the Sun, Jupiter and Venus the Earth is plunged into darkness for a month. Interestingly, the online media referring to NASA.

photo: pixabay.com

Allegedly as a result of “parallelism” between Venus and Jupiter the gas giant will be some chemical reactions which in outer space will be thrown a lot of hydrogen, which in turn will trigger explosions on the Sun. All this should lead to the fact that the sun’s rays for a while longer to reach the Ground.

Even without a really deep knowledge in the field of astronomy and chemistry, it is easy to draw attention to the fact that from a scientific point of view, the forecast does not hold water. In fact, the news is a “duck”, launched last year and since then has repeatedly “fly around” the Internet under the guise of fresh news. Thus as source of information media continue to call Charles Bolden two years ago, he was the head of the American space Agency NASA, however, on 20 January, has resigned.

Various pseudo-scientific fakes appear online constantly, although rarely annual appearance of any of them becomes almost a tradition (the most “classic” example is many years appearing on various websites and pages of social networks the news that Mars in the night sky for its size will resemble the moon). More rarely, the authors of such news referring to the American space Agency as the source of information — often, if it appears so blatantly pseudo-scientific posts, as an organization, intentionally concealing from mankind the truth about the cosmos.

However, Amateur astronomers can now do observe a curious astronomical phenomenon associated with the position in the night sky Venus and Jupiter. On November 12, a gas giant from the point of view of an observer on the Ground will be quite close to Venus, and November 17, both planets will be near the moon.


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