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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Experts: Ukraine opened against the Crimea new information front

The Crimean media has stirred up the news that Ukraine plans to deploy against the authorities of the Peninsula a new front in the information war, this time in social networks. Previously propaganda via television and Internet media did not give the expected effect, but now Kiev will assist the United States, which, in particular, will train “bloggers-mole”. We figured out how to new aggression going to respond in Crimea and Sevastopol.

photo: pixabay.com

The main task of deep cover agents of influence should be replaced in the minds of the Crimean paradigm of “good king — bad boyars” on “the fish rots from the head.” Start of operation is scheduled for early 2018 ahead of the presidential elections in Russia, according to regional media.

To some it may seem that the big news — actually stuffing information negligent officials who want to write off criticism on the machinations of Russia’s enemies. However, respondents “MK” experts say that opponents of the reunification of the Crimea with Russia is not asleep.

Rais Suleymanov, the expert of Institute of national strategy:

— Ukrainian propagandists with their American colleagues will try to tarnish Russian authorities in the eyes of the Crimeans. The overall message is: “let’s See what you got from becoming a part of Russia.” The calculation will be that the inhabitants of Crimea about the Ukrainian past, remember only the good. In fairness it should be noted that people do often perceive the past “in the pink”.

Promoters will pay people’s attention to Russian corruption, social problems, legal difficulties and so on. It is clear that Ukraine will try to create the Crimean sustainable anti-Russian views. For this, they have made a choice in favor of the bloggers, who often operate not checked information, but rumors and their own opinions. At the same time, Russia starts election race. On the scene of opposition politicians who lay claim to the Supreme power in the country, but they do not go to the Crimea and generally try to get the theme side of the Peninsula. This is because the opposition know perfectly well that among Crimeans very strong Pro-Putin sentiments. The opposition can hold only Crimean Tatars, but on the Peninsula is very little.

Michael White, chief editor of IA “national expert”, a political scientist:

— Individual elements of this strategy is implemented and the moment Crimea officially part of Russia. Another thing is that these attempts have been piecemeal and often gave Amateur. In the run-up to the elections, the situation around the Crimea will indeed deteriorate, especially will increase information pressure from the West. Increasingly are used trumped-up publication, are more likely to be paid experts who will lie about what is happening around events, and so on.

By the way, similar methods of pressure are used in the US today, which attributed the authorship of the ideas. Including the overabundance of fake news repeatedly complained to the American leader, Donald trump.

With sufficient funding new offensive in the Crimea will be a serious challenge. However, I have no doubt that Crimeans will be worthy of it.

Nevertheless, the authorities of Russia and the Crimea in particular need to understand the impending threat and to prepare for it. The antidote in this case is to improve the socio-economic climate on the Peninsula. The people of the region need to see that their problems are solved. Once people see that Crimea is not abandoned, that it is necessary to Moscow, no publication will not remove the Crimean from Russia.

It does not have to get involved in a “witch hunt” as there is always the danger of excesses. We cannot allow unscrupulous people to take advantage of the situation to settle scores with his political opponents. Moreover, in the eyes of the international community it may look like repression against the opposition that will speak about some of our fears for the future of the Crimea’s belonging.

Sergey Smirnov, the expert of Institute of national strategy:

— In Russia, without any additional foreign programs there are a sufficient number of bloggers, politicians and journalists who claim that “Crimea is not ours” and do not need Russia. It is also often possible to meet opinion that all Crimean officials are notoriously bad, because they actually came from Ukraine, namely from the “Party of regions”.

First, it is not true, and secondly, it is not necessary to demonize the middle tier of the ruling Ukrainian party under Viktor Yanukovych — normal managers. In the work of any official to find flaws very easily.

With regard to the attempts of Ukraine to force the Crimeans to love Moscow, I do not believe that it would work. Each paid blogger have thousands of people who similarly keep their pages in social networks. And without money, for reasons of conscience.

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