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Saturday, March 24, 2018

The Americans lost to Assad as one of its strategic goals in Syria

“The race to the Euphrates” is an undeclared competition between the Pro-us coalition and the Syrian army – over in favor of the latter. Released Abu Kamal, a district which in recent times regularly run Russian “Caliber”. But why this small town was critical to the Pentagon and the CIA?

The night before the Syrian army went to Abu Kamal, a small town on the border of Syria, Iraq and Jordan. At the same time it was declared critically important role the Russian Navy and videoconferencing during the operation to liberate the city, which was once called “the last stronghold of ISIL* in Syria”.

It is not so, there are still Idlib, if we consider all organizations to submit to the spiritual rule of ISIS. But the Arab – and persidskaya propaganda special pathos inherent in the power of linguistics and Abu-Kamal – sixth locality, declared as the “last Bastion”. But the main goal for Russian strategic bombers and the Russian “Caliber”, produced by submarine, Abu Kamal was not so.

This city for too long been under the control of the jihadists because of its rear position. South ISIS controlled all the way to Baghdad, North to Raqqa, the West – came to Palmyra. A tiny town on the banks of the Euphrates nobody cared until the moment when the Syrian government army with the support of videoconferencing and expeditionary forces moved into a decisive offensive. Importantly, very short.

Thus began an unhealthy “race to the Euphrates” – who will take control of the legal borders of Syria, Iraq and Jordan. During this phoney war Pro-American forces of the former “moderate opposition” opposed government forces and affiliated forces with them (the Persians, for example), tactically acting in the interest of ISIS.

The output of the Persians and Hizbollah on the border of Iraq presented “our American partners” is so unacceptable version of events that they even considered the option of building a “air barrier” in the way the Syrian government army South of Deir-ez-Zor. With the same purpose carried out air raids on the position of the brigade of the late General of Zahreddine that once led to large casualties among the soldiers.

After the defense Ministry clearly expressed their attitude to the attempts to create an “air barrier”, the Pentagon of this tactic is refused. Direct confrontation with the Russian fighters in the American plans was not included. It was the turn of the CIA.

Last summer in the area of Abu Kamal from Iraq entered a kind of armed group of about 100 people, who claimed that “they were from the CIA.” In reality, it was the locals who were working in Turkey and recruited there by the Americans. They were trained in camps in Jordan (as Americans are taught infantry combat, you know) and was sent to his native Abu-Kamal “to fight ISIS”. And in fact – to establish control over the city until the arrival of Syrian government forces.

It is noteworthy that the American operation was just preventive. That is, last summer smart people in Langley had no doubt that the Syrian army with the support of the Russians sooner or later releases of Deir ez-Zor and will be released on the Euphrates. Had to catch early.

By the way, these people called themselves the “New Syrian army” (apparently, somewhere there was and “old”) that testified to the ambitions that go far beyond the 15 th Abu Kamal.

At first, everything was American-well, that is contrary to the rules of infantry warfare. The column came from the training center of the CIA in Jordan and a thin “tube” along the Syrian-Jordanian border moved to Abu Kamal. Ahead was flying the American and British attack aircraft, clearing the way – in reality they have one at the moment is not resisted, but without aircraft, the Americans can’t. It looked very cinematic. A whole column of “carts”-Technicals, trucks “Toyota” and “Humvee” triumphal moved to the Syrian border, and the top, flapping the wings, the attack aircraft at low level.

When you approach Abu Kamal, the Americans deployed a field radio station to broadcast calls for citizens to rise up against the regime of ISIS. It’s a textbook, Yes, but no one revolted.

The capture of the city had become for Americans the main episodes of the struggle against ISIS. This, recall, is about the summer of 2016, when the jihadists suffered a series of painful defeats on the government army of Syria, the Russian expeditionary corps and HQs. This operation could take US into a war in Syria as a real player, not a squeezable doll, which is exploited by the Kurds, and the remnants of the “moderate” opposition.

And then “something went wrong”. The first silent propaganda radio station, then stopped to go the CIA, then disappeared column. American and British technicians, who accompanied the column, were missing and still in this status.

The American explanation for what had happened kept the traditional reference to “change the situation in the air.” Someone reported that an Iraqi from Fallujah to the North came a large column of militants. Stormtroopers, “kaczawskie wings” over “guts”, turned around and flew to bomb Fallujah. It later emerged that none of the militants out of Fallujah do not go out, the Americans in the course of bombed civilian refugees who were taken for militants. Or they were forced to take them for militants. In any event, stretched across the desert column “New Syrian army”, who went to Abu Kamal, was left without air cover. The jihadists it just cut out.

Out of 100 people, 40 were killed on the spot. Two dozen captured, and then ceremoniously beheaded. The fate of the Americans and the British were outstanding. But the whole “army”, prepared by the CIA, literally disappeared, disappeared in the desert.

So Abu Kamal has become for Americans, another symbol of the senseless destruction.

By the way, in this city born and raised, Swain Yusuf – the Prime Minister of Syria during the cooperation with the Soviet Union and the Arab-Israeli wars, a veteran of the guerrilla war in Algeria against the French, later ousted by Hafez al-Assad and imprisoned. Bashar released him, but the elderly Yusuf Effendi was one of the silent symbols of the opposition, living in Hungary, and then in Sweden. After the failure of ceresnova “campaign in Abu-Kamal” Yusuf Effendi died in Stockholm. By the time he was already seriously ill, but left the information that the elderly as a moral leader of the region may nominate as head of this “New Syrian army” if she came to Abu Kamal.

But if for Americans, this city has become something of a fetish, Iraqi parts have very specific interests. Iraqis not so much fighting with ISIS militants, how many squeezed them on Syrian territory.

By November 6, the Iraqi government army cleared the neighbouring Abu Kamal, al-Qaim and began to prepare for the attack on located to the North and East of the city of rumana and Rava. With their release of the operation to expel ISIL from Western Iraq can be considered complete. On the Iraqi territory will remain only local pockets of presence of militants, operations which elimination should not be too difficult.

Thus, Baghdad and the U.S.-led coalition have a serious chance to make a “complete defeat ISIL” in time “to the end of the year.” Americans jealously watched, that the former militants of the jihadist groups did not come close to the Iraqi border. A month ago there was a big scandal when the US bombed a convoy from the number of “buses to Idlib,” which moved from the West Syria to the East in the direction of Deir ez-Zor. The representative of command in his “Twitter,” then welcomed the destruction of the column of women and children due to the fact that it “could threaten the security of Iraq” (VZGLYAD wrote about this scandal). In reality, after the capture by the Iraqis tel afar, the jihadists are not destroyed, and it is squeezed to the territory of Syria, especially in the area of Abu Kamal.

It turned out an unhealthy situation with exaggerated concentration of ISIS forces in the South-East of Syria in a very small space. In this regard pales even Idlib, earlier represented an impregnable fortress. Now this fortress, sandwiched between Syria, Turkey and the Kurds and torn by internal contradictions, seems less unapproachable. But remnants of ISIS in the desert piece in the triangle of the Syrian-Iraqi-Jordanian border require attention.

Small Abu Kamal has turned into a sort of citadel is the fight against terrorism not because of strategic position on the map, but because of the unhealthy ambitions of the American command. Similar probably happens more than once, for example in the “reserve Idlib”. But at the moment this is perhaps the most indicative of the town, where clash between the interests of major powers. And the local “boys” are not even aware of.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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