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Friday, March 16, 2018

France reformed in favor of the hosts

In France held mass protests, and for the next few days planned a General strike. The reason for this is the radical liberal reforms of President Emmanuel Macron in the field of labour and employment. Thus affected were not only “workers ‘ rights” – hurt the national pride of the French.

The only notable waste of the new President of France began 26 thousand euros for the services of a makeup artist. In the rest of former investment banker Emmanuel macron in full compliance with the dogmas of neoliberal economic ruthlessly “cut Costa” – reduces costs. Every step of the way is accompanied by violent popular demonstrations.

In total, the program budget savings for the year 2017 are provided cuts of 4.5 billion euros. Last summer was curtailed expenditure on health. The result was massive layoffs of employees, especially nurses, and dozens of suicides among those who suddenly appeared on the street. Now nurses come to the demonstration with posters “the Patients in danger!”.

In July for € 850 million was reduced spending on the defense industry. After a heated altercation on the subject in the resignation of the head of the General staff of the popular army General Pierre de Villiers. For insulting the “great soldier” Macron criticized right and left, not to mention the military, which seriously offended the President.

In August, following the same programme of austerity, the President began to push for amendments to labour legislation. In fact, it is his favorite pastime. Macron launched an attack on the labour code of France, as a young reformist Minister in the government of françois Hollande. The “law on economic growth” expected for small shops the ability to work nights and weekends, and also spurred intra-industry competition. In the Parliament the “law of Rules” – President Hollande had to accept it without the approval of the members.

The macron was the mastermind and the recent reform of the labour code, which was later named in honor of the Minister of labour Miriam al-Comrie. The reform provided for the possibility of increasing the working day to 12 hours and has greatly simplified the process of dismissal of employees. Even then, in 2016, the discussion of the innovations in the Parliament was accompanied by endless protests. The unions are almost daily taken out to the streets hundreds of thousands of people, and demonstrators burned cars and threw at police Molotov cocktails.

And once again President Hollande failed to achieve the passage of the act through Parliament. But Prime Minister Manuel Valls has exercised its right and converted the “law of al-Comrie” without the approval of the members.

But today, the overwhelming majority of seats in the lower house of the French Parliament are occupied by young people without political experience member is fully controlled by the Macron enterprises “Go Republic!”. Found them and put the macron, they owe it to him and, accordingly, vote as you want him to. So this time amendments to the labour law passed in Parliament “Bang”. This is despite the fact that they deprived the French of many social safeguards to which they have long been accustomed.

The main goal of the reform of Macron and his Prime Minister Edouard Philippe is to remove the trade unions from the relations between employee and employer. All disputes and conflicts is proposed to solve the “in the process of social dialogue”, but in this dialogue the position, the employee will be self-defeating. The employer is in the process of negotiation itself can establish and the size of the salary, and the duration of the working day, and the number of vacation days, and the possibility of maternity leave, and paid sick leave, and, finally, the conditions of dismissal.

That is, all the major issues of labour and employment will be addressed not at the level of industries as it was before, but at the level of individual enterprises. If the owner of the plant wants, he will pay compensation to dismissed workers. Do not want – do not pay.

Everything that was written three thousand pages of the French labor code, has now become a matter of bargaining and individual agreements, and the code will be reduced from three thousand to three hundred pages. The employee becomes dependent on his boss, and once frighteningly powerful unions will not be able to protect him.

The paradox of the situation is that almost half of French people agree with the fact that the labour code needs to change. Largely due to that meter unemployment in France is kept at about 10 percent. Social rights of workers and employees objectively hamper the development of the business. For example, entrepreneurs are hard to dismiss a negligent employee – if the one with the help of the trade unions will prove that his dismissal was unlawful, he will have to pay compensation in the amount of several monthly salaries. And small business contents of employees, with all their sick leave and often becomes completely unmanageable.

On the other hand, the French nation is justly proud of its social guarantees, hardly reclaimed from the state. Paid vacation, compensation for dismissal, the 35-hour working week is not just the paragraphs of the law. It was many years of struggle of trade unions, vast demonstrations, violent fights with the police, in short, the whole glorious history of the labor movement.

Separately French pride humiliates that reforms Rules impose a typically Anglo-Saxon style labour legislation: the government does not intervene, the role of trade unions is minimized, the worker is left alone with the business owner. It looks like the head of France stood up to Margaret Thatcher.

It is not surprising that the next stage of reform of labor legislation takes place under the accompaniment of a noisy mass demonstrations. On Tuesday, thousands of protests swept through Paris, Marseille, Caen, Lyon, Bordeaux. The unions have organized hundreds of demonstrations across France.

“Our country is liberal, the world does not need. France is not England!” – announced the leader of the opposition party “Unconquered France” and former presidential candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who led the demonstration in the Old port of Marseille.

Come down to the fact that in the capital, protesters blocked trucks Champs Elysees and blocked the center of the city. Among the demonstrators were young men in black, who began throwing stones at police and Molotov cocktails. In response, police used tear gas and water cannons.

The President Makron at this time was in the Caribbean Islands (territory of France), affected by hurricane “Irma”. And on the eve of the demonstrations gave a speech in Athens, rigidly pointing to the need for labour reforms: “I am absolutely confident in myself and not give up one inch of the lazy cynics and extremists”.

Offended workers turned it of Macron into a meme. Throughout France the demonstrators were carrying posters of “the Makron end! The street got lazy!”.

Sensing a mortal threat to his absolute power, the unions plan to organize a national strike. The threatened strike of transport workers – the most sensitive in this sense of the industry. In the mass movement to participate and student unions and all political parties. The composition of the demonstrators are simply amazing – here workers, employees, health workers, and transport workers, and even freelancers, free artists and clowns. In him all the promises to strike the reform of Macron.

However, last year the performances of the workers was even larger but to no avail. Most likely, the Makron at the end of September will be able to push its reform and Grand strikes and demonstrations will only be an indispensable part of the French “society of the spectacle”.


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