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Monday, April 16, 2018

How much is sold Sobchak: the words “Russia deserves sanctions” utter

Why would a presidential candidate Ksenia Sobchak said that she supported the sanctions against Russia? People who would like to vote for her, clutching his head. Why She continues to insist that Crimea is Ukrainian? Colleagues cling to the heart, Recalling how in 2014, she first shouted “Crimea is ours”. Barely having time to intrigue the voters for their participation in the presidential campaign, greatly increasing your score in just a few days, now Sobchak careless words, it actively melts in the rating. What’s the catch? To understand this “MK” helped leading scientists and politicians.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The unauthorized version: Sobchak is eager to sell

Another scandalous statements of the candidate Sobchak said in an interview to CNN. It is clear that the girl really wanted to please the Western audience, with the claim that “Russia is to blame and share it”, and even from the lips of Moscow’s policy – sweeter than sweet. But isn’t she aware that the Home on this interview, too, know? And to vote on 18 March will the Russian audience.

– If Sobchak really wanted to perform successfully in the presidential election, you would say completely different things, and such statements about Crimea and the sanctions did – told “MK” the General Director of the Center for political information Alexei MUKHIN. But the purpose of her, apparently, different. Xenia took the initiative of Alexei Navalny, who in the West is more recognizable, popular, and there are very sympathetic. But he is not the holder of the presidential candidates, so Ksenia Bulk (laughs: “Good clause” – M. Z.)… Ksenia Sobchak consistently pushes Alexei Navalny in its information shadow. At first she did it in Russia, and now embodies it in the West. Having information superiority, she tries very pragmatic to monetize it. Maybe Ksenia Sobchak decides to sell a political project not even once, but several — at each stage of the presidential campaign. There are several groups, each of which at different periods of the race Sobchak can be useful to solve current problems. I never doubted the commercial vein of Ksenia Sobchak, but I think that now it will manifest fully. Due to the possible earnings of the electoral result interests her less.

– Perhaps caressing the ear of the West, Xenia looking for there sponsors. But to use foreign money for election campaign is violation of the law…

Her slightly violate Russian law is “it is”: to add to their portfolios and even persecution from the authorities. It will generally be a very big gift.

– Navalny has lost much of Sobchak, when did not react to her nomination for the presidency. He could be with her tandem, but in the end just left in her shadow – agrees the head of the Center for political and economic reforms, Nikolai MIRONOV. And now Xenia, nothing prevents to declare itself in the West, as the main liberal opposition figure in Russia.

Oddly enough, the West has a memory much longer than our electorate. In Russia, the policy forget after a few months, even weeks after he ceases to be active. And from the West, once remembered as a fighter against the regime, it is possible to clip coupons for many years.

Version of allies: at the headquarters of the Iraq mess

– Xenia — the man who is able to work brilliantly with the audience. Of course, it always automatically adapts to the audience that you are working with. This – and the Western audience too, but mainly about 20-25% of the Russian electorate. That our voter, which the current government is rejection: not so much political as aesthetic and moral. – said the “MK” the political scientist and political consultant Stanislav BELKOVSKY. And she consistently works with this audience. Another thing that you need to consider: will always be willing to give the wrong interpretation of what was said. As in the case of sanctions. She said that sanctions against elites is fine, but they should not worsen the situation of the people. And they worsen. If we ignore distortion, Ksenia consistent in his desire to participate in elections and to achieve significant result, therefore, will be to draw conclusions from inaccuracies and imperfections. This is important, because the campaign of Xenia will be charismatic, that is, oriented mostly on its own way and magnetism. And all the concept is only app.

As Belkovsky is the headquarters of Ksenia Sobchak, to comment on the situation, he did not. But according to other sources, while there is “a terrible mess”. The people in the staff more than necessary; the right hand does not know what the left is doing, and Ksenia stands where and as he wants and say what he wants, not too listening to their strategies and tactics. Embodying thus a charismatic campaign.

But pretty soon a wrestler might come to an end. If Xenia wants to collect 100 thousand signatures of voters, not 300 thousand — it will have to run for the presidency of the party. Such a party there is a “Civil initiative”, founded by the former economy Minister Andrei Nechayev. But an experienced politician willing to support the Sobchak with the condition that it will cease to carry whatever he wants, and will pay more attention to figures of speech.

– We are in dialogue. While were the first contacts I met Ksenia, and we all took a small break before make the decision. People from the headquarters Sobchak will look at our infrastructure: what are the office, read the document… But she has accepted my key requirement and a condition: she will have a moment to stand up for program of the party, with our values. – said “MK” , the Chairman of the “Civil Initiative” Andrei NECHAYEV. – She didn’t cause any protests.

Where to get a billion

Itself Ksenia evaluates his campaign of $15 million, that is about one billion rubles. This number she called and the first press conference as a candidate, and reiterated in a recent interview. While Xenia has 5% of this amount, where the remaining 95% is the big question. Answering it, Sobchak’s pretending to be a blonde: “For the rich man a million dollars — not big money. Fifteen million – here’s the campaign.” But how many times does she have to reconsider its attitude to Crimea and anti-Russian sanctions, if each of the 15 richest people own view on this question? The same political language this is called “sell”, although there are less politically correct terms.

Read the material: Solovyov said Sobchak, who supported the anti-Russian US sanctions

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