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Thursday, March 15, 2018

“Buy us weapons”: the trump discussed the war with North Korea

The us President arrived in South Korea in the framework of its 12-day tour of the countries of the Asia-Pacific region. One of the main goals of a series of state visits, it was announced the discussion of the solution of the North Korean nuclear issue. U.S. allies are concerned about the increased ambitions of Pyongyang, but trump assured them that Washington will protect them from the aggression of the North Korean regime. However, it is traditionally sharp and bellicose rhetoric against North Korea is clearly not conducive to détente. In North Korea closely watching the movements of the American President and consider his actions as provocative. Not everyone is happy Trump and South of the 38th parallel: Seoul swept by mass demonstrations of opponents of the high-ranking guest.

photo: AP

The first stop of the tramp in South Korea was made on an American military base, Camp Humphreys, where he had lunch with U.S. soldiers, and South Korea. Two days earlier, he spoke to the soldiers at Yokota base in Japan, dressed in jacket of the pilot.

Then the US President met with his South Korean counterpart moon Jae in Seoul. However, the ceremony in the Blue Palace (the residence of the head of South Korea) was overshadowed by a crowd of protesters, who tried to block the approaches to the building. Unhappy accused trump that his bellicose rhetoric against Pyongyang provokes tension in the region and could lead to war, which will be the first South Koreans. They are also convinced that the American President is forcing Seoul to buy from US more weapons, pursuing their own selfish interests. However, trump’s supporters with posters “We love USA” on the streets of the capital was enough.

At a joint press conference with moon Jae Another trump said that he hopes to use diplomatic means of pressure on Phangnan, but at the same time is ready to do everything to “not to give the North Korean dictator to threaten our lives.” He also urged the DPRK “to do the right thing” and noted that “seeing some progress” in resolving the North Korean problem, however, did not specify what.

Despite the status of key allies in the Asia-Pacific region South Korea and the United States have some controversial issues. One of them is the free trade agreement signed between the two countries under the previous Obama administration. Trump has described the agreement as a “terrible deal” that is beneficial only to Seoul, and threatened to change its conditions or cancel altogether. Blue Palace in turn for a long time refused to place on the Peninsula for more American anti-missile system THAAD, and still many citizens are protesting against this move.

Another problematic theme was subtly and gracefully played during the joint lunch of the two presidents. Trump has served the shrimp with the “diplomatic implications”, said the representatives of the administration of South Korean President. They were caught off the coast of the Islands, the territorial dispute which South Korea and Japan. Seoul calls them the Dokdo Islands, Tokyo — Takeshima archipelago.

Earlier, trump had already visited Japan in the framework of his tour. And of course, have not ignored the topic of the DPRK. He said that Tokyo will be able to “shoot down North Korean rocket straight into the sky, when you buy from US a large consignment of weapons”. That is, as shared by the head of the White house, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and was going to do. “It would mean a lot of jobs for Americans and a lot of security for Japan,” added trump. Both leaders expressed confidence that it is impossible to exclude power methods of pressure on Pyongyang.

At the last meeting, Abe once again confirmed the image of a “warlord”, his current homeland. The Prime Minister is consistently moving in the direction of strengthening of independence of Japan in defense matters. At the initiative of the Abe was given a new interpretation of the 9th article of the pacifist Constitution, according to which she had the opportunity to protect not only themselves but also their allies in the event of enemy attack.

In terms of the 12-day tour of trump is also mentioned a visit to China and participation in meetings of APEC in Vietnam, ASEAN and the East Asia summit in the Philippines. It is expected that on the sidelines of the APEC summit the US President will meet with Vladimir Putin, from whom he expects “help North Korea”.


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